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Google Adds New Security Features to G Suite

Dave LeClair 21-07-2020

For many people, working remotely has become the new normal. Which means services such as G Suite are more crucial than ever. After all, people still need to get work done, whether they can go to the office or not.


This isn’t lost on Google, as the company has announced on the Google Cloud Blog that it’s rolling out a ton of security updates to its services. Everything from support for the BIMI standard in Gmail to new security features in Chat are included in this G Suite update.

What’s New in Gmail?

First, Google announced that it is bringing the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard to Gmail. Essentially, this allows businesses to validate ownership of their corporate logos and have them displayed in existing avatar slots in the Gmail interface.

This should make it easier to identify emails that are coming from within a major company (or at least ones who choose to take part in this program), and prevent spoofing and phishing How to Spot and Avoid COVID-19 Pandemic Phishing Scams Online scammers are taking advantage of coronavirus, targeting the vulnerable. Learn how to spot and avoid COVID-19 phishing scams. Read More .

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available just yet, but Google says that it will be rolling out the pilot of the feature over the coming weeks. If you’re unsure if BIMI is right for your company, check out the working group’s website and see what it’s all about.

New Features in Google Meet

Also coming to G Suite are new controls for Meet. The latest update is all about giving owners of meetings more control over who can join. For example, if you kick someone out of a meeting, they won’t be able to try to enter the same conference call again by knocking. Instead, the host will need to invite them back in.


Google is also adding a limit to the number of times a user can be denied access to a meeting. After a certain number of attempts, the user will not be allowed to send more requests to join.

Sticking with Meet, Google is also adding safety locks that determine which ways people can join the meeting. Some locks block all anonymous users’ attempts to join a meeting.

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Google Chat Is Becoming More Secure, Too

Google is also adding the same phishing protections it uses in Gmail to Chat. This means that links sent through Google Chat will, in realtime, receive a check to make sure they’re safe.

Another new feature coming to Chat is the ability to report and block Chat Rooms if you suspect malicious activity. Finally, Google is also adding the ability to automatically detect and limit abusive content across its entire line of G Suite services.

G Suite Admin Security Updates

Google is also adding all sorts of updates that Admins of G Suite can use to lock things down.

First, Google has redesigned the devices page in the G Suite admin console. Additionally, it’s launching an integration with Apple Business Manager. There are tons of other updates that will help companies improve their security as they’re forced to have more employees work remotely.

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