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New 3DS XL vs. New 2DS XL: Which is the Best Portable Nintendo?

Ben Stegner 26-07-2017

Nintendo makes amazing video games, but sometimes their hardware decisions leave people scratching their heads. From discontinuing the NES Mini NES Classic Edition Is Already Dying Did you spend hours over Christmas searching for a NES Classic Edition? That search is about to get that bit more difficult as Nintendo announce they are discontinuing the tiny, plug-and-play retro console. Read More at the height of its popularity to the many models of the Nintendo 3DS, we wonder what they’re thinking sometimes.


Perhaps the recent announcement of the New 2DS XL Nintendo Is Launching a New Handheld This Summer Nintendo has announced a new piece of hardware, and the 2DS XL may just be the perfect handheld console for this generation. Who needs a Switch anyway?! Read More has you thinking of buying a system from the 3DS family. This is a great idea — even with the Switch’s great library 7 New Nintendo Switch Games You'll Want to Play in 2017 The Nintendo Switch is off to a great start, and 2017 holds many more great games. From Mario to Sonic to Minecraft, here are the games coming to the system before the year ends. Read More , the 3DS is still kicking. But with so many confusing names, which one should you get? We’ll show you the differences between the various 3DS models so you can pick the best one for you.

A Brief Note on Discontinued Models

In the United States, there are six different models of the 3DS:

  • Nintendo 3DS (launched March 27, 2011)
  • Nintendo 3DS XL (launched August 19, 2012)
  • Nintendo 2DS (launched October 12, 2013)
  • New Nintendo 3DS (launched September 25, 2015)
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL (launched February 13, 2015)
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL (launches on July 28, 2017)

Of these six, the first two are no longer produced by Nintendo. You can still find the original 3DS model and its XL counterpart on eBay and the like, but we don’t recommend buying them. As we’ll discuss, the New 3DS models have more processing power, built-in Amiibo support, and a second analog stick. To stay current, you’re better off buying one of the modern models.

Additionally, the smaller New Nintendo 3DS model is also on its way out. It was only available in North America in special bundles, and Nintendo ended production — which limited availability. Thus we won’t include it in our discussion below.


Now we’ve got the old models out of the way, let’s get to comparing the three current systems!

New Nintendo 3DS XL

The New Nintendo 3DS XL is the premier member of the family. It fixes some problems of the original 3DS models, features a large, crisp display, and is the only current model that still displays in 3D. Our review New Nintendo 3DS XL Review and Competition The New 3DS XL is here, and it brings some interesting changes – but is it worth upgrading if you already have a 3DS? Should new users save some cash and buy the older generation? Read More described it as one of the best handheld systems ever, and that hasn’t changed.

What Makes the New 3DS XL Great

In this model, you’ll find the Super-Stable 3D feature. This makes the 3D screen technology more reliable so you don’t have to look at the screen from a perfect angle to appreciate it. Even in the dark, the face tracking lets you move around and still get a good picture.

In addition, the New 3DS XL features a second analog stick. It’s a nub, similar to those on older laptops. Not all games take advantage of this, but it’s a far more elegant solution than the ugly Circle Pad Pro attachment for the original 3DS models.


The New 3DS XL also packs a more powerful processor What Is A CPU and What Does It Do? Computing acronyms are confusing. What is a CPU anyway? And do I need a quad or dual-core processor? How about AMD, or Intel? We're here to help explain the difference! Read More than its predecessors. This results in faster loading times across the system, a welcome change from the sometimes sluggish performance of the early models.

More importantly, it also enables the New 3DS to play some exclusive games Nintendo's New 3DS - Here's Why You Should Be Excited More than just the size and style redesign of the 3DS XL, the New models are a half step toward being a new generation, with a faster CPU, more buttons, and an exclusive game announced. Read More (also thanks to two new shoulder buttons). There aren’t many like this — you can identify them by the Only for New Nintendo 3DS banner on the box. The extra power also allows the New 3DS XL to download SNES games from the Nintendo eShop. And some demanding titles, like Hyrule Warriors Legends, run much smoother on the newer system.

Finally, the New 3DS XL features a built-in Amiibo reader. This lets you scan your figures Amiibo, Skylanders, Disney Infinity - What's The Difference? We're here to break down all the differences and help you choose which to invest your money in. Read More to use in compatible games, like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

New 3DS XL Downsides

The New 3DS XL suffers from a few negatives. The major issue is the placement of its microSD card slot. On other 3DS models, you simply pop open a flap and place the card inside. But the New 3DS XL has this slot underneath the battery cover, which requires a screwdriver to access. Thus, you’re best off buying a microSD card 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a MicroSD Card Buying MicroSD cards may seem simple, but here are a few critical mistakes to avoid if you don't want to regret your purchase. Read More with the system (unless the included 4 GB one is enough for you). Install it as soon as you open the box and never look back.


Nintendo decided not to include a charger with the New 3DS XL. If you’re a first-time buyer, this results in an additional cost. They’re selling for $8 on Amazon, which isn’t a lot — but it’s a cost you don’t have to worry about with other models.

Nintendo 3DS Compatible with 3DS / 3DS XL / 2DS AC Adapter Nintendo 3DS Compatible with 3DS / 3DS XL / 2DS AC Adapter Buy Now On Amazon $9.99

The price is the last negative — this is the most expensive 3DS at $200 MSRP. If you want the full 3DS package this is the way to go — but it costs the most. That’s why the 2DS is such an attractive package…

New Nintendo 2DS XL

Even though the Switch console-portable hybrid is enjoying a successful run so far, Nintendo isn’t letting the 3DS slide Which Portable Game Console Should You Buy in 2019? Looking to buy a portable game console? We help you decide between a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and more. Read More . Aside from new games, they’re also releasing a new model on July 28, 2017. How does it compare to what came before?


Differences from the New 3DS XL

As you can tell from the name, the New 2DS XL doesn’t support the 3D functionality of other models. While this sounds like a huge letdown, it’s actually not as big of a deal as you’d think.

Many early 3DS games, like Super Mario 3D Land, used the 3D quite a bit 4 Nintendo 3DS Games That Make Incredible Use Of The 3D Tech The 3D in the 3DS isn't just there for show. It's actually a key part of the console that just isn't used by enough games. However, there are some games that take the 3D technology... Read More . But newer games don’t use the 3D as much if at all. Pokemon Sun and Moon, for example, (our review Pokémon Sun and Moon: Are They Worth Buying? Pokémon Sun and Moon are finally here, after much anticipation. Are the latest entries in this treasured series worth your time and money? Read More ) only display in 3D in limited mini-game sections. And even in early 3DS games, the 3D is never a requirement to solve puzzles. Some games might be a bit less exciting without 3D — playing Ocarina of Time in 3D, for instance, is a treat for any Zelda fan. But you’d find yourself turning it off before long anyway.

In most other aspects, the New 2DS XL is nearly identical to the New 3DS XL. It features the same internals, a secondary analog nub, Amiibo support, and the extra shoulder buttons. Only minor differences are present: the stylus is smaller, the system is lighter and a bit thinner, and the game card slot has a cover.

Thankfully, the microSD card slot on the New 2DS XL doesn’t require removing the back plate to access. Like the New 3DS XL, it comes with a 4 GB microSD card, which is big enough for trying out some of the best eShop games 10 Classic Nintendo Games to Celebrate 5 Years of the eShop The Nintendo eShop is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month, and it's a perfect time to snap up some excellent games! Here are 10 classic titles all Nintendo enthusiasts need to download! Read More .

The only possible issues with the New 2DS XL is that the speakers are downward-facing on the bottom of the unit. This makes it easy to accidentally muffle them, but using headphones avoids this problem.

Thankfully, this model will include a charger so you don’t have to pick one up separately. The cost is also easier to swallow — the New 2DS XL has a sticker price of $150.

Nintendo 2DS

The 2DS (our review Nintendo 2DS Review & Giveaway We're giving this Nintendo 2DS with a copy of Pokemon X away to one lucky reader! But first, here's what we think of Nintendo's latest portable gaming console. Read More ) shocked many people when it arrived — why buy a system that can’t display 3D when it’s the main attraction 7 Incredible 3D Movies Actually Worth Seeing In 3D There are too many movies where the 3D adds nothing to the overall experience. However, when done properly, 3D has the potential to blow you away. The following movies are prime examples. Read More ? As we’ve discussed, 3D isn’t as big of a deal now is it was in 2013. But is the original 2DS still a good buy?

Major 2DS Differences

While the New 2DS XL is a lot like the New 3DS XL, the 2DS is completely different. Other models feature a folding clamshell design, but this one is a single wedge shape. This makes is comfortable to hold, but hard to fit into a pocket for travel. The lack of XL in the name also gives away the fact that this is a little system — its screens are significantly smaller than the New models.

The 2DS can’t display 3D images, also doesn’t feature the upgraded features of its newer brothers. This means there’s only one Circle Pad, one pair of shoulder buttons, and no built-in Amiibo support. You’ll have to buy a separate NFC reader to use Amiibo with this model. Notably, the 2DS uses a standard SD card How to Pick & Buy the Best SD Card for Your Needs What kind of SD card is right for you? Not all of them are the same, after all. Here are the minimum specs you should aim for depending any given activity or need. Read More , not a microSD card. It comes with a 2GB card installed.

The 2DS outputs sound in mono instead of stereo. This results in games sounding pretty tinny, but plugging in some headphones results in stereo sound. You also aren’t able to play any New 3DS exclusive software with this model.

Unfortunately, the 2DS also features the worst battery life of the three current models. Each lasts a minimum of 3.5 hours depending on brightness and wireless settings, but the 2DS caps out at 5.5 hours of use. The New 3DS XL gets around a half-hour more than that, and we don’t know how the New 2DS XL performs yet.

Who is the 2DS For?

With multiple disadvantages, you might be wondering why you’d want a 2DS. The target market for this model is almost certainly young children. With an affordable $80 price tag, plus the inclusion of Mario Kart 7 with most models, this is the lowest barrier to entry to the 2DS library. The lack of hinges also makes it harder for kids to damage — indeed, the 2DS feels like it was made to take a bit of a beating.

Common Features in All Models

These three 3DS models offer different experiences. But don’t get too hung up on them — all allow you access to the wealth of content that the 3DS has to offer. The game-focused social network Miiverse, built-in goodies like the sound editor and Mii Maker, and backward compatibility with all Nintendo DS games 5 Essential Nintendo DS Game Franchises Everybody Should Play In a world where all smartphones and tablets are capable of playing brilliant video games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, it's easy to forget about the dedicated handheld games consoles on the... Read More are all accessible in each 3DS version.

More importantly, the amazing library of 3DS games 25 Nintendo 3DS Games That Are Essential to Any Collection The 3DS has a host of excellent games. Not sure where to start? Here are the 25 best titles on the system, with something for fans of every genre. Read More is playable no matter which one you have. It’s arguably the best group of games a handheld has ever offered. A fully portable Super Smash Bros., three excellent Zelda games, mega-RPGs, strategy games, and more abound. The 3DS eShop also provides access to dozens of retro Nintendo games from bygone systems, plus the latest indie titles. There’s no end to the fun you can have New 3DS Your First 3DS? 8 Must-Buy Games So you just got your hands on a New Nintendo 3DS? Now you need games to play. Trust me; you don't want to be stuck with Pokémon Shuffle and Face Raiders. Read More with this system.

Which Should You Buy?

We’ve presented the facts about each of the current 3DS models. If you’re still having trouble deciding, here’s a quick summary of the best audience for each:

Like we said earlier, buying a 3DS now is a great choice. The past several years have seen so many great games come out no matter what genres you’re into. You won’t regret getting into Nintendo’s best handheld to date.

Once you’ve got a 3DS, start building your game collection with lengthy titles and some hidden gems from the eShop 5 Underrated Gems You Can Get on the 3DS eShop for Under $5 Have you ever checked out the 3DS eShop? It houses some overlooked gems, and you can get five of the best for just $20. Read More .

Which 3DS model do you own? Are you thinking of buying one? Tell us which is your favorite and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Metallic Citizen via, Jord-reys92 via Wikimedia Commons

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    Can you play 3ds games on the 2ds xl system?

  2. Richard lee
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    I just bought the New Nintendo 2ds and I really like it. It comes with the same features (with the exception of the 3d feature) found in the new Nintendo 3ds at a much cheaper price. I have been playing on the original Nintendo ds for the past 9 years and decided to give this one a try. It works perfectly and there are still some features that I have still to try out.