Never Mix Up Your Time Zones Again With This Chrome Extension

Dan Price 19-07-2017

Time zones — one of the best and most annoying inventions in the history of humankind. I dread to think just how many business meetings, flights, and TV shows have been missed because someone got confused. The professionals would never make such basic mistakes 9 Lessons Richard Branson Can Teach You on Life and Business What can you learn from a tycoon like Richard Branson? It turns out that his approach to life and business is straight forward. We extracted nine lessons you can apply to your own ventures. Read More .


Most frustrating? If you don’t know a country’s time zone, it’s not even as simple as drawing a straight line on a map to make an educated guess 5 Quick Tools for Visualizing Time Zones Time zones are confusing because they are abstract. These tools that help you visualize them, making things more concrete. Read More . Some of the time zones are seriously wacky and appear to follow no geographic logic.

Clearly, we need a better solution. It needs to be easy to use, faster than looking up the time zone on Google, and reliable. Luckily, we have just the tool: MyTimeZone.

How MyTimeZone Works

MyTimeZone is a Chrome extension that can convert any time you see into your local time zone. And I mean any time. It could be in an email, an article, a Chrome web app, or elsewhere.

Head to the download page in the Chrome Web Store to grab a copy.

Once it’s installed, all you need to do is highlight the time in question and right-click on it. In the context menu, you will see the time converted into your local time zone.


That’s all there is to it. You don’t even need to worry about configuring the app if you travel to a different location, it will automatically detect your local time using the web connection.

The app supports all cities, all time zones, and both UTC and GMT formats.

Is this the time zone tool you’ve been waiting for? Will it put an end to your clock-based concerns? Let us know if you found MyTimeZone useful in the comments section below.

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