It’s Never Too Late To Start On The Road To Success

ROFL 30-09-2014

If you’ve every thought that you were too old to follow your dreams, you might want to reconsider that idea. The same goes for being too young! Age is just a number, it all comes down to how hard you’re willing to work, and whether you are willing to push yourself to achieve your goals.

The infographic below breaks down the ages at which some of the most successful people found their big break. It starts with Michael Dell (of Dell) at age 18 and goes all the way to Charles Flint (of IBM) at age 61. For an interactive look at the infographic, check out the Via link below.

Via Funders and Founders


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  1. Deep
    October 4, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    I was wondering if the author would read the above comment and correct the via link of Founders and Founders. Nothing happened so far, and so, here is the correct link -

    This visual and statistic shows the timeline from only one variable point of view, i.e. age. But as @Henk mentioned in the comment above, there are many other variables that affects the point of starting with something. Almost started off with a lack of something they felt was interesting, necessary or playable around with to realize the business potential of their idea. So its anywhere from a teen or an octogenarian, due to socio-economic-political-scientific conditions, geographic advantage and of course the ambitious nature of the mind that could make one work towards realizing something new.

  2. ÃRül Ê
    September 30, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    The source page leads to admin login page of MakeUseOf.

  3. Henk van Setten
    September 30, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Funny. I happen to be 63, so according to this silly infographic, I can forget it? No future for me anymore... Well, I guess it's just too late for me then... Maybe I should start reserving a room in some home for the elderly, or even a cemetery plot, just in case?

    Please let me add a general remark here. We have to deal with (1) demographic changes (such as people getting older, less births in some countries) and (2) the gradual disappearance of the oldest generation (the group of people who never were online). Due to these developments, the average internet user is rapidly getting older and older. This is a strong ongoing trend, and one that will continue for quite some years to come.

    The weird thing is that in spite of all statistics (and, I guess, any big data analysis) that will confirm this obvious "aging internet user" trend, so many people still tend to completely ignore it. Worse, it looks like some online content providers and some online marketeers still act from a kind of illusionary perspective: from the baseless idea that the average internet user is some 20-or30-year-old. This is of course a fallacy, and over the next decades it will become ever less true.

    Right now it is high time for the fast-growing age group of 60+ internet users to finally get the attention, content, recognition and respect they deserve.

    From this perspective, an infographic like this is not just silly: it is just one of many stupid, thoughtless insults.