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Never Annoy Your Friends On Social Media Again With Buffer For iOS

Dave LeClair 22-10-2013

Are you that guy? You know, the one who shares every single thing he comes across while browsing the web? There is nothing wrong with sharing cool stuff with your friends, but it needs to be done in moderation. It also needs to be spread out. Posting without separation is a sure way to annoy people and perhaps cause them to unfollow you completely. After all, no one wants to see their timeline cluttered with only posts from one person.


Fear not, one who overshares, Buffer is the solution you need. It allows you to go crazy sharing all the things you find, and it spreads them out for you, making it so your friends and followers want to thank you for your effort. It’s a simple application, and it will make your social experience a more joyous one. And as an added bonus, this application can make the lives of page managers a whole lot easier, as it allows you to spread content according to your schedule with much less effort than doing it manually.

Buffer for iOS lets you do all this from the palm of your hand.

Set Up


Setting up the application is quite a painless process. You simply create a Buffer account or log in with your social media profiles. I found it easier to create an account with Buffer, because it allowed me to use it with the desktop version of the service, but that is a matter of personal preference. Once you have your account all set up, you will be ready to start sharing whatever your heart desires without worrying that it will annoy your followers by being too close together.




Once you have all of your accounts linked, you will want to give the app some kind of indication of when you want to post. It will set the schedule automatically as you begin sharing, but personally, I prefer to have a little more control. You can set your posts to run every day at certain times, or if you want a little more control you can upgrade to a paid account and choose a separate schedule for different days of the week. You can set as few or as many posting slots as you’d like, so if you tend to share frequently, you will want to choose a lot of slots or your posts will keep getting pushed out to other days.

Sharing Content

You’ve got your schedule under control, you’ve logged in with your social networks of preference, now it’s time for the fun part; sharing. Doing so is easy, and can be done directly from within the Buffer app, or through a number of popular third-party apps such as Feedly, Pocket, Instapaper, Tweetcaster and more. The last tab within the application shows you all of the different applications you can use to share through Buffer.


If you wish to share right from within the app, simply click the compose button on the top right of the screen and enter the content for your post. You can share just text, or you can add an image or link. From there, you can choose the accounts on which you want to share, and then click the Buffer button to send it to the queue. If it’s a particularly pressing post, you can click Share Now to have it sent out to your followers on the selected accounts right away.



To use the third-party applications, you will need to download them from the App Store. I will use Feedly as an example. When you see something in Feedly you think is worth sharing, click the button in the top right corner of the screen and you will see the Buffer logo. Click on that and follow the same posting process as you would for any other post. If you choose to Buffer, it will be sent to the queue to be shared in the next available slot.

Premium Vs. Free


Buffer offers a premium account, which will set you back $10 a month. With this upgrade, you can share as many posts as you like. The free version limits you to 10 posts stored in the queue at a time, which should be ample for most users, but for those who share a lot, an upgrade may be warranted. Additionally, you gain the ability to link with up to 12 different social media accounts, while the free version limits you to one on each of the offered services. So if you have a Facebook profile and a number of pages you manage, an upgrade may be worth your money.There is also the aforementioned extra control in scheduling, and the ability to allow another team member to control the account.


Buffer On The Web

Of course, iOS is just one place you can use Buffer. It’s also available on the web, which will allow you to share while sitting in front of your computer. For example, you can check out our review of it on Google Chrome Schedule & Post Updates For Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn With BufferApp [Chrome] Buffer is a web service for scheduling tweets, LinkedIn profile and group posts, as well as Facebook updates for both profiles and pages. Buffer is great if you want to plan ahead and schedule your... Read More . You can also just visit Buffer’s website, log in with your account, and generate posts from there. Many of the supported applications will also allow you to share with Buffer from the web.


If you want to use an iOS application that makes it easy to spread out the content you are sharing with your followers, look no further than Buffer. It comes with an incredibly easy to navigate interface, and it features access to plenty of third-party applications. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Have you tried Buffer for sharing content you find online? Are your followers thanking you for spreading it out? Hit the comments section below and let us know!

Download: Buffer (free)


Do you use Buffer or another service to schedule your updates? Let us know in the comments, below this post.

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