NetSmartz Workshop: Tips On How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online
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Over recent years there have been numerous unfortunate incidents where young children were exploited online by pedophiles and criminals. This has worried all parents whose children use the Internet. To get help in keeping their children’s online experience safer, parents should pay a visit to NetSmartz Workshop.

NetSmartz Workshop is a free to use website that lists advice and suggestions on how to keep children safe online. The site has dedicated separate sections to parents, educators, law enforcement officials, teens, and younger children. Different aspects of the online experience are covered. You can skip to certain topics by clicking on the relevant category or by watching relevant videos and presentations that are available on the site.

keeping your kids safe on the internet

By explaining these things the site helps educate children in recognizing potential Internet risks. The site also encourages parents to engage their children in discussions and talk about online threats. Suggestions on how to start these discussions can be found in various places on the site under the heading “Discussion Starters”.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Helps educate people about online threats to children.
  • Has separate sections dedicated to parents, educators, law enforcement officials, and children.
  • Comprehensively covers various aspects of children’s online experience.
  • Provides suggestions on how to start discussions with children regarding online threats.
  • Includes informative videos and presentations.
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