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Netflix Plans World Domination, Facebook Improves Search Options [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 09-12-2014

Also, President Obama learns to code, Google releases Android Studio 1.0, using copyrighted music on YouTube videos, and 3D-printing The Imperial March.

Netflix Makes Plans To Expand Everywhere

Netflix The Ultimate Netflix Guide: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Netflix This guide offers everything you need to know about using Netflix. Whether you're a new subscriber or an established fan of the best streaming service out there. Read More is determined to expand outwards from its base in the United States until its streaming service is available in every country around the world. So says Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, who recently spelled out the company’s longterm ambitions during the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference.

Sarandos said, “Within five years, we’d love to see the product be completely global, available everywhere in the world.” Netflix is already available in many countries across three continents, with the previously announced launch in Australia and New Zealand in 2015 making the total number higher than 50.

According to Quartz, one way Netflix will achieve this goal is through original content, with the company planning to make 20 new series (or seasons of existing series) each and every year. And because Netflix makes its money from subscriptions rather than advertising, ratings are far less likely to lead to the cancellation of your favorite show. Arrested development fans Keeping Up With The Bluth Family: Discover Arrested Development On The Web Arrested Development is back, with Netflix having given the show a lifeline by commissioning new episodes. Here's hoping that this time Arrested Development is watched by the size of audience it deserves. To give the... Read More rejoice.

Search For Individual Facebook Posts

Facebook is rolling out a major improvement to its search options, letting you search for individual posts as well as people and pages. While you have always been able to search for people you may know — allowing your number of Facebook friends to grow exponentially How Many Friends On Facebook Is Too Much? [Opinion] I never thought that we would be so ‘obsessed’ with friends. Collecting friends seems to be a fad that refuses to die down thanks to social networks. When we talk about social networks, we usually... Read More — you can now find particular status updates or events from the past using the same technique.

It should be noted — and Facebook seems very keen to make this point — that searches of this nature are limited to posts from people in your network. Which prevents anyone you’re not friends with on Facebook using this to delve into your past. The new feature is rolling out to users on desktop and iOS, with the changes coming to Android and other platforms in the future.

President Obama Learns To Code

Barack Obama has learned to code, making him the first U.S. President to write a computer program Which Programming Language Should You Learn For Software Development? When starting on the path of programming, it’s important you invest your time wisely in choosing to learn something that will both benefit you in the immediate future with visible results on your platform of... Read More .

OK, so that may be exaggerating his achievement just a little. What President Obama actually did was complete some exercises using Google’s Blockly, and write a simple line of code using JavaScript. Still, that’s more than any previous president has managed. Yes, even more than Al Gore, who, legend has it, invented the Internet.

Obama got involved in this way in order to launch the annual Computer Science Education Week for 2014, helping students complete tutorials as part of the Hour of Code initiative.

Create Apps With Android Studio 1.0

Google has released Android Studio 1.0, the first stable release of this toolkit for Android app developers. Anyone still using the Eclipse IDE to build Android apps is now being encouraged to switch to using Android Studio, with Google offering a migration path to aid the process.

YouTube Helps You Use Copyrighted Music

YouTube has fixed a rather annoying oversight of the YouTube Audio Library.

Previously, anyone using copyrighted music The 8 Best Free Online Music Streaming Services With No Limitations Want to listen to free music without limitations? Here are the best free music streaming services with no restrictions. Read More in a video had to wait until the video was published before learning its fate; record labels could choose to block the video entirely, mute the audio, or run ads against it and share in the revenue.

Now, content creators can use YouTube’s Content ID system to check the fate of their video before they upload it, saving hours of waiting to be potentially frustrated.

The Imperial March On A 3D Printer

And finally, just in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Force Awakens: 25 Alternative Names For Star Wars VII [Weird & Wonderful Web] Star Wars is back, with The Force Awakens due to be released on Dec. 18, 2015. Unhappy with the title, the Internet suggested its own alternatives... Read More , we have The Imperial March as played on a 3D printer. While this song is unlikely to feature in the new Star Wars movie given that [Spoiler Alert] Darth Vader is dead, it’s still cool to see and hear it played on a 3D printer.

3D printers aren’t alone in being able to play music, as we found out when we looked at making music with tech hardware Making Music With Tech Hardware - 8 Great YouTube Videos We've already seen a list of the best music videos featuring floppy disk drives, and now it's time to broaden our horizons a little and bring more tech hardware into the mix. It's amazing the... Read More . Floppy drives, scanners, printers, old computers, modems, and oscilloscopes can all be used in this way. [H/T]

Your Views On Today’s Tech News

Would you like to see Netflix go global by 2020? Will you be using the new and improved Facebook search? Should programming be part of every school’s curriculum?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

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  1. dragonmouth
    December 9, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    "Netflix Plans World Domination"
    The best laid plans of mice and companies...... Didn't Microsoft and Google plan world domination?

    "President Obama Learns To Code"
    So he learned how to put "Hello World" on the screen and now he wants a job as a programmer?
    He's been talking in code since he got elected in 2008.

    • Dave Parrack
      December 12, 2014 at 9:54 pm

      Didn't Microsoft and Google succeed?!

      Ooh, getting a bit political there. I'll keep my views to myself, but this did seem a little over-reported. Including by me, in hindsight.