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Nest vs. Kuna: Outdoor Security Camera Showdown

Bryan Wolfe 29-12-2016

Home security cameras continue to grow in popularity with each passing year as technology improves. Today, they play a central role in any smart home Easy-to-Install Smart Home Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts Smart home products make terrific gifts, even for those who aren't exactly tech-savvy. The following products make great gifts, require little setup, and are beneficial to boot. Read More . Two of the newest outside cameras are the Nest Cam Outdoor and Kuna Toucan. In this article, you’ll learn more about these cameras and see how they compare.


Nest Cam Outdoor

First launched in July 2016, the Nest Cam Outdoor features a 1/3-inch, 3 MP sensor What Is A Megapixel? Megapixels are one of the most common ways of advertising the quality of cameras, especially relatively low-end cameras aimed at the mass market likes the ones in typical smartphones. Read More and 8x digital zoom inside a durable, waterproof case in white.

nest cam outdoor

Unlike other security cameras on the market, the Nest Cam Outdoor doesn’t use batteries. Instead, it uses electrical power.

Key specifications include:

  • Video, Up to 1080p at 30 frames/sec, H.264 encoding.
  • Field of View, 130-degrees diagonal.
  • Night Vision, eight high-power infrared LEDs (850nm) with IR cut filter.

Besides offering 24/7 live streaming video, the Nest Cam Outdoor includes two features popular with Nest Cam Indoor customers, activity alerts and Talk and Listen. You’ll receive an alert on your smartphone whenever there is sound or motion detection Great Ways to Use Motion Sensors in Your Home Today’s motion products have uses that go beyond providing home security. In this article, you’ll learn more about motion sensors and the ways you can use them to improve your life. Read More . The Nest app also records snapshots of the past three hours.


With Talk and Listen, you can perform a two-way conversation with anyone who’s near the camera. For example, you could talk to a mail carrier who’s at the door, or a stranger walking outside.

Google Nest Cam - Outdoor Security Camera Night Vision Surveillance Camera, White Google Nest Cam - Outdoor Security Camera Night Vision Surveillance Camera, White Buy Now On Amazon $127.49


Increasingly, home security camera providers are introducing premium packages that increase the number of features a smart device can provide. Nest Alert, which starts at $10 per month, adds two main features: person alerts and video recording.

Person alerts use an advanced algorithm to determine who’s in front of the camera. In doing so, you’ll receive a special alert whenever the Nest Cam sees a particular person.


A Nest Alert subscription provides either a 10- or 30-day video history. These cloud-based recordings What Is The Cloud? The Cloud. It's a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. What is the cloud, exactly? Read More are reviewable on both your smartphone and through the web.

The 10-day plan is priced at $10 per month (or $100 a year) for the first camera, plus $5 per month ($50 a year) for each additional camera. The 30-day plan is $30 per month (or $300 a year) for the first camera, plus $15 per month ($150) for each additional camera.

Google Nest Cam - Outdoor Security Camera Night Vision Surveillance Camera, White Google Nest Cam - Outdoor Security Camera Night Vision Surveillance Camera, White Buy Now On Amazon $127.49

You can purchase a Nest Cam Outdoor for $199 (£159/C$249). A two-pack is available for $348.



Nest says its outdoor camera is simple to install yourself. All you’ll need is a power outlet and home Wi-Fi. You can install a Nest Cam Outdoor wherever you’d like using a drill, or you can save time and use the included magnetic mount. You can also find a professional installer from the Nest website.


Smart home security services company Kuna offers a line of outdoor security cameras. Most of these, such as the Craftsman, Contemporary, and Traditional, are meant to replace existing outdoor lighting fixtures. The Toucan ($225), by contrast, works with existing hardware through a USB retrofit.


Featuring an IP44 rated weatherproof design, the electric-powered Toucan is meant to work 24/7 regardless of temperature or humidity. Unlike the Nest Cam Outdoor, the Toucan ships with a 100 dBA siren, which you can use to deter unwanted visitors.


Key specifications include:

  • Video, HD Full Color 720p H.264.
  • Field of View, 116-degrees diagonal.
  • Night Vision, Uses the existing light bulb.

In addition to live video streaming, the Toucan offers a two-way speaker system and prerecorded deterrent messages. You’ll also receive alerts whenever there is sound or motion detection. The Kuna app records snapshots of the past two hours. You can also download three free videos per month, which you can share.


With Kuna Premium, you’ll receive up to 30 days of video, which you can review, rewind, and download. You’ll also get “smart detection,” which captures activity 10 seconds before and after an event is triggered. The premium plan also allows you to download unlimited videos.

There are three Kuna Premium plans available. These include the $4.99 per device startup plan, which provides seven days of video, the $9.99 per month Peace of Mind plan, which offers 14 days of video for up to four devices, and the $19.95 Absolute Control plan, which offers 30 days of video for up to eight cameras.


Kuna promises that you can set up a Toucan “in minutes.” It ships with the camera and a smart socket adapter. Just add the socket to your existing setup to get started using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Kuna Toucan requires no extra wires, cables, or drilling.

You can purchase the Toucan for $225.

How Are They Different?

Both the Nest Cam Outdoor and Toucan provide 24/7 live video surveillance Practical Uses for Your Home Surveillance Cameras Home surveillance cameras are getting more popular with each passing year as technology improves and prices drop. Here are some practical uses for home security cameras, some which may surprise you. Read More in a waterproof structure that’s expected to last for many years to come. The Toucan costs slightly more upfront. For this, you get a security siren, although the video quality isn’t as good.

Another point worth considering: Kuna doesn’t currently offer an indoor camera. Nest Cam Indoor owners should take this into account before making an outdoor camera purchase.

In terms of premium features, the Kuna provides more flexibility and lower costs. These differences become much more important as you add more cameras to your home.

Consider this example: Two Nest Cam Outdoor devices cost $348 without discounts. For 30 days of video, you’d pay $30 per month (or $300 a year) for the first camera, plus $15 per month ($150) for the second. This translates into a first-year cost of $798 for the two Nest cameras. In this example, each additional Nest Cam Outdoor would cost $199, plus up to $15 per month.

Purchasing two Toucan units is $500 without discounts. For 30 days of video, you would pay $19.95 per month. The total first-year cost is $740, which is good for up to eight cameras in total.

Nest and Kuna are both known for making dependable security camera systems Decorate Your Home With These 7 Stylish Security Cameras First-generation home security cameras had many flaws, including connection issues and poor video quality. They were also rather dull looking. Here are 7 stylish alternatives! Read More . The choice you make will largely depend on price since the features on each device are basically the same. Because of this, look for sales, which often occur on weekends and around holidays.

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    Neither cam supports recording locally or to another (cheaper) service.