Nemexia – An Awesome Free Online Space Simulation Game

Ryan Dube 07-05-2010

<firstimage=”//” />free online simulation gamesI must admit that of all free online simulation games, I love strategic multiplayer ones the most. Here at MakeUseOf, we love simulations, like the car simulations 2 Cool Free Car Driving Simulation Programs Read More Karl covered, or the Google Earth flight simulator Feel The Need For Speed with Google Earth's Flight Simulator Read More that Leon wrote about.

While these are fun, it’s the multiplayer space battle games that I really love – like the Ogame Universe Ogame - A Free Online Strategy Game of Space War Read More that I recently reviewed.

After pulling myself out of the Ogame addiction, I went through quite some time where I was able to avoid online games altogether.

However, lately I’ve been craving the feeling of accomplishment from building up a space colony and sending out large battleship fleets to cause destruction throughout the galaxy. So I went out in search of a new free online space simulation game that would satisfy that need, and I discovered it in Nemexia.

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Nemexia has much of the same look and feel of Ogame. In fact, much of the set up and strategy is almost identical. What sets Nemexia apart are the graphics – I love the large, in-your-face images and fonts that pull you in and immediately make you feel like you’re a part of this virtual galactic world.

Immediately, from the moment you sign up and start playing, you enter the drama by choosing to join forces with one of three races – the Confederation, the Union or the Noxls. The color and design of each insignia is usually a fairly good indication of the temperament of those particular players.

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Once you sign up, you’re immediately presented with the main view of your planet. Many games are difficult to get into, with somewhat of a learning curve to get up to speed. However, Nemexia really has no learning curve. Thanks to pop-up tooltips whenever your place your mouse over any icon, navigating through your control panel is a breeze. You’ll notice the icons on your planet will take you to those areas you need to develop – the first of which is your resource zone.

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If you’re already lost and not sure what to do, all you have to do is follow the outline provided by your “Quests.” To review these, click on the image of your “Adviser” in the upper right part of your menu.

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This guy will tell you what you need to do next to improve and expand your empire. Consider this as your personal tour guide through this virtual space world. Every leader needs a good adviser!

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Once you get to the Resource Zone, you’ll discover nothing but an empty area with some cliffs, volcanoes and crystal/minerals. This is the part of your planet that you’re going to exploit so that you can build up your energy and supplies, and start creating the foundation of your colony with buildings and fleets of ships.

The game is real-time, so once you expend all of your resources building up new mines, buildings or ships, you’re going to have to wait (sometimes for several hours or more) for your resources to replenish.

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At the top of the screen, you’ll find your resources and how much you have. These include (from left to right) metals, minerals, gas, energy and your hangar. Your hangar displays how many ships you’ve built and are at your disposal. At the very start, you’ll only accumulate metals and minerals until you’re able to build your first gas refinery.

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Once you’ve developed the resources and buildings to produce a substantial fleet, you’re ready to go on missions. These include anything from spy/espionage to attack strikes and even simple recycle or exploration missions. What you can do depends upon what ships you’ve built and your current technical capabilities, but almost immediately upon building your first attack ships, you’ll have the opportunity to go on raids.

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You choose your targets for exploration or attack on the Galaxy screen. Keep in mind that you have the option to attack, or you can join up with fellow players and join powerful alliances – an approach that lies at the heart of success for many of the highest level players. Alone, you may do well, but aligned with stronger players, you will advance quickly through the ranks.

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What are the “ranks”? Good question. When you click on the “Ranking” button on your menu, you’ll see a listing of all players and their associated position. When you start out, you’ll find that you have a long way to go – but don’t worry, at the beginning, rising through the ranks is fairly rapid. It’s once you get toward the higher ranks that it takes much more time and effort.

In the rankings view, you’ll find the player’s position, their resource points and battle points – all of which comes in handy when you’re trying to decide who to attack and who you’d better just leave alone.

Nemexia - An Awesome Free Online Space Simulation Game simulationbattle

If you want to be more confident before heading into battle, on the Fleet Screen, click on the bottom left menu option called the “Simulator.” When I played Ogame, you had to go out onto the web and find an Ogame simulator that would simulate the battle, given your fleet and rank and your opponent’s fleet and rank, and you would see the calculated end result of the battle.

Nemexia was built with one of those simulators built right into the game. Just type in the number of ships in your fleet and your race, and the ships in your opponent’s fleet and race, and preview a prediction of the outcome even before you launch your fleet for battle.

Have you ever played Nemexia and if so, what’s your opinion of the game?  Do you have any other favorite space simulation games? Share your insights and opinions in the comments section below.

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