Need to Learn Excel? 10 Experts Will Teach You for Free!

Rob Nightingale 06-04-2016

No one denies that Excel is an incredibly powerful piece of software. Yet, learning how to use its more advanced features is far from easy. With that in mind, we’ve tracked down ten top Excel gurus who can help you master the advanced functions of Excel more easily.


In the past, we’ve recommended places where you can learn the basics of Excel 8 Tips for How to Learn Excel Quickly Not as comfortable with Excel as you would like? Start with simple tips for adding formulas and managing data. Follow this guide, and you'll be up to speed in no time. Read More . With these basics covered, you’ll be able to use Excel’s main data storage From Punch Cards to Holograms - A Short History of Data Storage Let's take a look at some of the technologies that shaped modern data storage, as well as where we go from here. Read More , organization, and manipulation features. We’ve also listed resources for figuring out Excel formulas Need Help with Excel Formulas? 7 Resources to Consult Excel is the spreadsheet gold standard. If you are required to use Excel and yet have to familiarize yourself with it, these resources will quickly introduce you to the basics and more. Read More , and the types of charts you should be using 8 Types of Excel Charts and Graphs and When to Use Them Graphics are easier to grasp than text and numbers. Charts are a great way to visualize numbers. We show you how to create charts in Microsoft Excel and when to best use what kind. Read More .

But if you want to take your knowledge even further, you’ll need reliable Excel specialists, who are willing to share their growing, in-depth knowledge of this program with you.

The following ten Excel gurus fit this description perfectly. Each guru regularly publishes step-by-step tutorials that walk you through these more advanced Excel features that you could otherwise be wrestling with for weeks.

1. Chandoo

Purna Duggirala (aka, “Chandoo”) is a minor celebrity in Excel circles. Since 2004, Chandoo has been regularly sharing everything he learns while working with Excel. His site, which aims to “make you awesome in Excel” now receives over 1.5m visitorsper month, and is Chandoo’s full-time project.



On the site you’ll find a popular Excel podcast, thriving forum, and a 75,000-strong mailing list. Among the main content on the site, you’ll find guides to analyzing half a million customer complaints, to mastering pivot tables (which we’ve discussed before How to Create a Pivot Table for Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel The pivot table is one of the single most powerful tools in Microsoft Excel. Learn how to use the pivot table for data analysis. Read More ).

2. Mynda Treacy

Much of the content on Mynda Treacy’s site is available free of charge. It is made up of in-depth Excel tutorials accompanied by screenshots and videos to really drill home the lessons. These tutorials include more basic lessons, such as selecting multiple items from a data validation list, to advanced tutorials on Power Query reformats.

Mynda Treacy

On the site, you’ll also find a range of top quality webinars run by other Excel professionals that you can stream for no cost.


3. Bill Jelen

Having been working with Excel for two decades, Bill Jelen (aka “Mr Excel”) is a true oracle of this software. But if that’s not enough, the huge Excel forum on Jelen’s site houses an army of Excel experts to answer any of your questions.

Bill Jelen

His topics cover everything imaginable, from the benefits of Power Pivots, to tidying up messy data. And if you’re more of a visual learner, Jelen occasionally hosts webinars, and posts screen capture videos to his YouTube channel.

4. Mike Girvin

ExcelIsFun is the huge Excel YouTube channel run by Mike Girvin. With well over 2,000 Excel video tutorials, this is a channel that anyone who regularly works with Excel should subscribe to. Most of the videos are 7-15 minutes long, and are very easy to follow (provided you have a basic grasp of Excel already).


Mike Girvin

If you’ve never checked out Girvin’s channel (and his energetic teaching style) before, the range of videos can be overwhelming. Luckily, he’s sorted these into descriptive playlists to help you find your way around. For example, you can find 68 videos to help you master the SUMPRODUCT function and 139 videos for mastering VLOOKUP.

5. Jon Peltier

Jon Peltier has been working with Excel since 1995 and is a whizz at using Virtual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Visual Basic. That’s why he has been acknowledged as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft every year since 2001. The skills he teaches enable Excel to “be integrated with PowerPoint, Word, and other applications to supplement its analysis and reporting capabilities”.

Jon Peltier


Peltier’s extensive site, focuses on a wide range of Excel functions, but specializes in advanced tutorials “for achieving charting effects that, at first glance, seem impossible”. These include tutorials for Bar-Line charts, Pivot Charts, and Dynamic Charts.

6. Debra Dagleish

Author Debra Dagleish’s regularly updated blog on Contextures focuses on detailed, relatively advanced Excel tutorials. These zoom in on underused functions like using sheet selectors with no macros, as well as fixing common problems like VLOOKUP sorting issues.

Debra Dalgleish

On top of a large number of tutorials, you’ll also find a huge number of free Excel file downloads and video tutorials to really help you master these more advanced functions.

7. John Walkenbach [Broken URL Removed]

Having authored over 50 books (including the Excel Bible series) and hundreds of articles, Walkenback has surely earned the title “Excel Guru”. Not surprisingly, his website, SpreadsheetPage [Broken URL Removed] is one of the most popular sites about Excel out there.

john Walkenbach

Walkenbach’s blog covers plenty of Excel updates, and issues that you may want to explore further. More relevant to this article, however, is the lengthy list of Excel tips available. These cover topics from playing MP3 files from Excel, to creating a worksheet map. There’s even a page of downloads, with sections specifically for developers, and Excel add-ins.

8. Dinesh Kumar Takyar

35,000 people find Dinesh Kumar Takyar’s Excel YouTube channel worth subscribing to, with many of his videos receiving hundreds of thousands of views. The aim of the channel is to teach you to use both Excel and VB proficiently, with many of the topics coming from Takyar’s own students and viewers.

Dinesh Kumar Takyar

The direct style gets straight to the point, with easy-to-follow screen recordings introducing you to a whole array of new features. Some of Takyar’s more popular tutorials include transferring data from one worksheet to another, creating notifications in Excel, and designing a user form.

9. John Michaloudis

MyExcelOnline is an incredible resource for learning Excel run by John Michaloudis. Michaloudis has been working with Excel for the past 15 years, and now produces tutorials accompanied by easy-to-follow GIFs and downloadable workbooks. These short tutorials can help you solve “real life business cases” quickly and easily. They range from learning to connect slicers to multiple pivot tables, to jumping to cell references within a formula.

John Michaloudis

On top of these rapid-fire tutorials, John also hosts a popular Excel podcast, where other gurus from this list have made an appearance (among many others).

10. Brad Edgar

The Excel Blog is Brad Edgar’s way of sharing his Excel enthusiasm with the rest of the world. His mission is to help Excel users find “confidence and reason in their employment or business endeavors”. The articles on Edgar’s site go further than many of the others in this list. Instead of focusing solely on step-by-step tutorials, you’ll also be treated to other types of content, such as Excel tips that’ll make you look smarter than your co-workers.

Brad Edgar

Despite the blog not being updated too regularly, the range of content types makes this a fascinating blog to follow. And if you need to download any sample data to help you with other tutorials, you can purchase some on the site, too.

Where Else Do You Learn About Advanced Excel Functions?

The number of things you can do or problems you can solve with Excel is astounding. You can use basic formulas to solve real life problems 15 Excel Formulas That Will Help You Solve Real Life Problems Excel isn't only for business. Here are several Microsoft Excel formulas that will help you solve complex daily problems. Read More create dashboards to visualize complex data sets Visualize Your Data & Make Your Spreadsheets User Friendly With An Excel Dashboard Sometimes, a simple spreadsheet format isn't engaging enough to make your data accessible. A dashboard allows you to present your most important data in an easy-to-digest format. Read More , and everything in between.

So no matter what you’re trying to achieve, the combined knowledge of these 10 Excel gurus will undoubtedly be enough to get you there. But there are still tons of fantastic resources we’ve not come across, let alone mentioned.

So, which Excel resources, and other Excel gurus, would you like to have seen on this list? Where do you go to solve your Excel problems, and to learn more about advanced Excel functions?

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  1. Paul
    January 29, 2017 at 12:08 am

    Hi. Great list and these are all fantastic resources.

    At the risk of self promotion, I've put up hours of free Excel tutorial videos at that your readers might also find useful.

    Thanks again for putting this list of great resources together.

  2. Mike Benstead
    April 13, 2016 at 8:37 am

    That's a pretty comprehensive Who's Who of the Excel world. (As Jan said, don't forget Chip.)

    Love Debra's teaching style. She makes everything easy. Whoever writes Microsoft's help pages could take a lesson or two from her.


    • Rob Nightingale
      May 18, 2016 at 10:46 am

      Thanks for the suggestions, Mike!

  3. jan karel Pieterse
    April 8, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    Chip Pearson

    • Rob Nightingale
      April 12, 2016 at 4:10 pm

      Thanks, Jan!

  4. Anonymous
    April 7, 2016 at 2:05 am

    Great list.

    Some more that I have learnt from. and Tom's Twitter feed


    • Rob Nightingale
      April 12, 2016 at 4:10 pm

      Thanks for adding to the list!! =D

  5. Dave
    April 6, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Debra Dalgleish

    • Rob Nightingale
      April 12, 2016 at 4:10 pm

      Cheers Dave. Just checked our Debra's site. Great recommendation :)

      • David Peterson
        April 12, 2016 at 4:39 pm

        Debra has a very good site. But I was actually correcting a spelling mistake. There's an extra L in her name: daLgleish.