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Need Help Songwriting? Try These 4 Tools For Inspiration

Joel Lee 20-04-2014

Sometimes the songs just spill out of you. Other times, you sit there staring at a blank notebook until 4AM, wondering if you’ll ever write a song that isn’t complete crap. Songwriting can be fun but it isn’t easy.


If you’re feeling stuck and need a bit of help, these tools and apps may help you get your muse back.

Songwriter101 [Broken URL Removed] (Website)


There are many songwriting websites 4 Websites That Will Help You Connect With Songwriting We all know about those songwriters, right? Yeah, they are those people who stand barefoot in coffee shops, playing out-of-tune guitars and singing songs about wheat in the fields and how life is a simple... Read More out there and we’ve covered a few of them before. However, there’s one that deserves special mention for all of the great content that it has produced over the years. It’s called Songwriter101 and, as you might expect from a website with its name, it’s the perfect place to learn all things related to songwriting.

The site’s main draw is its collection of articles. They’re split into eight categories that cover various facets of the songwriting realm: Artists, Technology, Songwriting, Publishing, The Band, The Biz, Copyrights, and Finance. Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, hobbyist or professional, you’ll find something of use here.

The site also features an active forum where users can congregate and discuss the various aspects of music creation. Don’t skip it unless you want to miss out.


4 Chord Songs (Windows)

4 Chord Songs

4 Chord Songs is an old piece of free software that hasn’t been updated in a few years yet still remains relevant today. It’s quite simple: you select a progression of four chords, choose a music style (more than 50 available), and hit Play. The program will begin playing that progression, complete with drums, bass, guitar, and piano parts.

If you ever feel like all of your songs sound the same, this program can help you swing out of your rut. Switch up the song’s tempo and key to expand your inspiration even further. It’s the ideal tool for experimentation and improvisation. A wonderful starting point for any new song. 4 Chord Songs is a portable application for Windows XP/Vista/7 computers and is General Midi compatible.

RoadWriter (Android)



The makers of RoadWriter claim that it’s the “premier songwriting app” for those who need to remain creative on the fly. Mobile phones have proved themselves convenient for on-the-go activities, such as taking notes Springpad vs Catch vs Evernote vs OneNote - Which Is Best On Android? At one time, people actually had to carry around notebooks if they wanted to take notes - remember the once-big fad of Moleskine notebooks? Nowadays, smartphones have made most pocket objects obsolete. Why carry around... Read More , and it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a similar app for musicians. RoadWriter combines a lyrics writing app with music playback for songwriting inspiration.

RoadWriter comes with three distinct modes:

  • Rehearsal Mode, where you can craft songs by selecting instrumental tracks, typing out lyrics, and structuring them as bridges, hooks, codas, etc.
  • Performance Mode, where your songs are played back with full screen lyrics.
  • Ad Lib Mode, where you can record a song over an instrumental track. This mode is only available in the full version.

RoadWriter isn’t a recording tool. Instead, it’s a tool that helps you take recorded chunks and splice them together to create a more complete result. There aren’t many mobile apps that can do this sort of thing (in fact, I couldn’t find anything similar at all) so it truly is a one-of-a-kind helper for on-the-go songwriting.

The lite version is free while the full version costs $2.99 USD [No longer available]. RoadWriter also has a full version for iOS ($1.99 USD)


Hum (iOS)


Hum is an all-in-one solution that lets you brainstorm, organize, and record your songs using nothing more than your phone. Have you ever been out running errands only to be struck by a new riff or a clever lyric, yet didn’t have any means to jot it down and save it for later? With Hum, that will never be a problem again.

In basic terms, Hum is a mobile note-taking app that’s specifically designed for songwriting. You can type out your lyrics and record any associated melodies and Hum will store it away for you. In addition, you can add notes to your works-in-progress and they’ll be kept separate from the actual lyrics.

Unfortunately, there is no free version. Hum costs $1.99 USD on the App Store.


Songwriting is hard and it’s a shame that these sorts of helpful tools tend to be scarce. If you’re in need of more tools, check out these Chrome extensions for musicians Great Chrome Web Apps and Extensions for Musicians Musicians rejoice! There are several apps and extensions available for Chrome that will aid you in your life and journey of musicianship. There are apps that will let you practice the piano while sitting at... Read More . What do you use to aid your songwriting? Share with us in the comments!

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    April 29, 2014 at 6:37 am

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