When You Need to Extend an iPhone’s Battery Life, Just Put It Face Down
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Even with today’s advanced batteries, the quest for better battery life continues on. We’ve shown the iPhone apps to avoid if you want to improve your battery, but sometimes even this isn’t enough. With the bigger screens of modern devices, you might have trouble getting through half the day. At times when you’re relying heavily on your phone, this can be a pain.

Thankfully, developers come up with all sorts of tricks to squeeze a bit more life out of device batteries. One recent development from Apple arrived with iOS 9 (and later) and functions on the iPhone 5S and above (including the iPhone SE). If you’ve got an iPod Touch or iPad, this trick unfortunately isn’t compatible with your device.

The secret is that when your iPhone is face down, incoming notifications don’t turn on the screen. This means that when you’re sitting at your desk for hours not looking at your phone anyway, setting it face-down can be a big battery booster. Of course, there are times when you want to glance at notifications, and can certainly keep your phone face-up when that’s the case.

Screens are typically one of the biggest battery drainers, so you should see an improvement in battery life when practicing this. It does require motion sensing to be turned on in your Settings, however. Browse out to Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness and make sure Fitness Tracking is enabled. If it’s turned off, your iPhone will turn the screen on no matter if it’s face-down or not.

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Did you know this tip? Let us know if you see an improvement in battery life after using it!

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