Need to Blow Steam? Try Venting at These Online Listeners

Ben Stegner 25-11-2015

Everyone has things they need to get off their chest. Whether you just had a bad day at work and want to blow off steam 7 Sites To Help You Recover From A Bad Day Read More or are going through an extended valley, having someone to talk to can relieve some of the stress and pressure.


7 Cups of Tea (shortened to 7 Cups) is a free website that allows you to connect with thousands of volunteer listeners. You can anonymously and securely confide in them about your day, discuss all kinds of issues, or even get some advice.

Please note: This website is not for those who are suicidal or in crisis. If you need serious help, contact a local emergency number.

When looking for listeners, you can filter by those who claim certain categories as their specialty (such as anxiety, parenting, or bullying) and see who has been highly rated by other users. Once in a chatroom, a bot will ask you some questions about how you’re feeling so that your listener knows where to focus.

All listeners on the site must go through active listening training Improve Your Communication Skills with These 7 Websites Good communication is a subtle force that will open doors professionally. These seven online resources will help you become better at this all-important soft skill. Read More . You can view how others rated them on helpfulness, empathy, and response time. Still, since these aren’t officially licensed therapists, it might take a few tries before you land a winner.

If you don’t want to talk with a person in real time, you can browse Q&A message boards, read some self-help guides, or perform solo exercises to boost your mood. It’s simply a haven away from the craziness of life, and its usefulness cannot be overlooked.


Will you try using 7 Cups? How do you get things off your chest? Let us know what you think by commenting.

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  1. AnonymousGal
    November 26, 2015 at 5:27 am

    I was a listener at 7 Cups, & I would like to send to a word of caution here to all who might wish to try out so-called "internet therapy" sites.

    7 Cups has a negative reputation for being a toxic place, & it can be easily abused as a tool to initiate sexual chats & unhealthy attachments, having seen through a myriad avalanche of clients on the site. Despite the homely environment it portrays, the pasture in 7 Cups is one to be trodden very carefully.

    At times, it's best to just head out to real life & meet a friend, or (literally) see a shrink.

    • Dina
      December 2, 2015 at 12:43 am

      I am a listener there too. I love the site and find the community very warm and inviting. For the uninitiated, please check the 7 Cups app reviews in app store and play store and you will know how many people we are helping each day.

  2. Tim
    November 25, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    The best online tool for venting is