Need A Laugh? Brighten Up Your Day With These Bad Lip Readings

Joel Lee 21-10-2013

Are you a fan of nonsensical and silly parody humor? If so, you’ll love the Bad Lip Reading series of videos on YouTube. The gist of the series is that they take well-known clips, for instance political speeches or movie scenes, and completely dub the audio with their own lip reading interpretations. The results are often hilarious, completely wrong, yet surprisingly fitting.

I admit that I thought the idea was stupid when I first heard about it. However, upon watching a few videos, I will say that there’s a lot of humor to be found in these Bad Lip Readings as long as you take them for what they are: ludicrous caricatures that really make no sense.

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“The NFL”

I’m not a big sports fan and I never watch the NFL, yet this video was positively, side-splittingly funny. Perhaps it was my ignorance of the NFL that made the video even funnier, but nonetheless, you’ll find a lot of laughs here regardless of whether or not you’re an NFL fan. Everyone can enjoy this.

The funniest part of “The NFL” is that none of the people in the video are talking about football. Someone has found a dog, someone else wants cake, and the referees are spilling their life stories on the field. All of this is happening during live games, too. Comedy gold.

Favorite Quote: “I want it now! I want cake now!”

“The Walking (And Talking) Dead”

If ever there was a show that took itself too seriously, it would be The Walking Dead. Thankfully, the guy behind Bad Lip Readings understood this and used it to create one of the funniest dubbings ever. A singing T-Dog, talking zombies, and a Broadway rendition of the Governor? What’s not to like?

Honestly, the show is pretty mediocre overall, but it’s excellent when it comes to zombies. There isn’t much humor to be found in the show itself, so it’s nice to be able to laugh at the characters like this. Perhaps if the show learned how to laugh at itself every once in a while, it’d be less of a campy melodrama.

Favorite Quote:  “Christine!”

“Peter and Gwen”

When the freestyle rap came up, I lost it. Is there a better time to inject something so ridiculous than a scene that’s meant to be heartfelt between two love interests? I didn’t think so. Emma Stone’s look of horror is just the cherry on top. I’m not sure how I feel about The Amazing Spider-Man, but this was a great take on the lip readings.

Favorite Quote: “I’m sorry, I just… I like juicy pork.”

“The Hunger Games”

Upon seeing “The Hunger Games,” I’ve decided that knowing what actually happens in the scene makes it much funnier when you watch the Bad Lip Readings version of the script. Knowing that Katniss and Peeta are hanging on for dear life, then seeing them talk about an imaginary cat? Cue the record scratch.

Favorite Quote: “Hey, a goat.”

“Edward and Bella”

Do you like Twilight? You’ll probably enjoy this video. Do you hate Twilight with a seething passion? You’ll probably love this video. Personally, I’ve never read the books and I’ve never watched the movies, so I really had no idea what to expect out of this. Color me satisfied when it turned out to have just the right mixture of mundane topics with overly dramatic acting.

Which brings me to ask: was the actual Twilight movie any better? What sort of script was written such that the lines could be fudged this badly and still fit? I know that editing has a lot to do with it, so kudos to the guy behind Bad Lip Readings, but I find it all so amusing.

Favorite Quote: “Dude… you slapped a fish.”


Want to see more Bad Lip Readings? Check out the other Bad Lip Readings that Tim covered back when the concept was still new and fresh. There you’ll find the misconstrued words of Mitt Romney, a parody of Barack Obama, and one of the best known Bad Lip Readings to date: the gone-viral Rebecca Black in “Gang Fight.”

What other hilarious YouTube video series have you seen? There’s always time to fit in a quick laugh during the day, so please share those links with us in the comments!

Image Credits: Closeup of Lips Via Shutterstock

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  1. TechnoAngina
    October 23, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    OMG I was rolling at the Walking Dead

  2. mindgames
    October 22, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    How do you not have their most recent one for Game of Thrones? This is better than the other five listed above:

  3. Beau W
    October 22, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    These are hilarious. Good list.