NavFlow: Quick & Easy Navigation Testing For Mockups & Wireframes
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Wireframes and mock diagrams are an essential part of website designing. Before developers can start coding the site, it helps a great deal to know what the site should actually look like. While there are many tools (Mockingbird, MockFlow and iPlotz.) to create wireframes, only Navflow allows you to perform wireframes navigation testing.

navigation testing

Creating a wireframe does not tell the developer how the site visitors will react to it. This means learning visitor behavior after the website has been made. Making modification then is not as easy. With Navflow, designers can upload their wireframes and have Navflow present them to its voluntary testers. Our wireframe is shown to the visitor and the image path taken by him/her plus the places he clicks are noted by Navflow. This information can be very helpful in determining the visitor’s response to our site.

Uploading a wireframe to Navflow requires signing up for a free account first. Before signing up you can volunteer to test somebody else’s wireframe and see how the process works.

navigation testing


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