National Stolen Art File: FBI’s Database Of Stolen Art
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The FBI recently revamped its website. Now on the site there is a dedicated online index for all art-related thefts and robberies. This index is called NSAF: National Stolen Art File.

database of stolen art

National Stolen Art File is the FBI’s public online index of all US thefts and robberies of art items such as books, carpets, guns, antiques, etc. A simple search box located in the right pane of NSAF’s homepage lets you search for stolen items through their category, maker, title, period, and any other additional data – not all fields need to be filled out. Results are quickly displayed in the left pane.

stolen artwork database

You can click on a result’s title to find out its details.

National Stolen Art File: FBI's Database Of Stolen Art national stolen art2

Particularly for antique dealers NSAF is a must-bookmark website. Before they buy an art piece, they can pay a visit to NSAF and quickly check whether or not the art item was stolen from somebody.


  • Stolen artwork database by FBI .
  • Lets you search for US art thefts.
  • Covers a wide variety of art items.
  • Provides various details on each stolen item.

Check out NSAF @

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