The Take A Nap Wheel: Find The Perfect Time To Take A Nap

Dave LeClair 16-01-2012

Have you ever wondered what the perfect time is to take a nap? Do you wake up from a nap and feel more tired than before you went to sleep? Well then you should check out The Take A Nap Wheel. This cool web application is made by Dr. Sara Mednick. This simple application allows you to rotate the wheel to the time you woke up in the morning and based on that, it finds the best time for you to take a nap.


The Take A Nap Wheel: Find The Perfect Time To Take A Nap takeanapwheel

Basically, the wheel has two circles attached to it, where those two circles match is the ideal nap point. The sweet spot is where your short-wave sleep and REM sleep are perfectly balanced, allowing you to achieve perfect sleep and wake up well rested. Dr. Sara Mednick is the author of Take A Nap, a well respected book about the value of properly napping. She has credentials in the field of sleeping, and she is offering this valuable tool for free. If you are finding that you are not well rested, you should check this web app out.


  • Easy to use.
  • Calculate when short-wave and REM sleep are balanced.
  • Finds the perfect time to maximize your nap.
  • Created by Dr. Sara Mednick, a well respected individual in the sleep field.

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  1. Rawan
    May 8, 2019 at 5:07 am

    the web app doesn't work.. it's not functioning !