Nab a Mirrorless Camera for a Killer Price or Get a Nexus 5 for Less and More [Tech Deals]

Kannon Yamada 30-01-2014

Retailers will keep liquidating last year’s stock until at least Spring. That means it’s a great time for deals. This week we’ve found a slightly discounted Nexus 5, which rarely shows up with any kind of discount. We’ve also got a cheap Ultrabook, an excellently priced Haswell CPU, a criminally priced mirrorless camera and a great Viewsonic monitor.


Smartphone Users

Who wants a discounted Nexus 5? Unfortunately, this is US only.

32GB LG Nexus 5

nexus 5

  • Price: $394.99; compare to $399.99 via Google + shipping
  • Retailer: Dailysteals via eBay — Buy now

I normally wouldn’t include an item that’s been discounted by 1%, but eBay also offers “eBay Bucks” which is a rewards program. You actually get free shipping, $7.90 back in credit and can apply eBay gift cards, if you have them. This deal stands out as Nexus 5’s rarely go on sale until the late summer or early fall.

We’ve reviewed the Nexus 5 Google Nexus 5 Review and Giveaway Approximately a year after Google released the Nexus 4, the company behind Android has come out with its successor -- the Nexus 5. Read More before – and as a proud owner of one, it’s a great phone. I don’t know if it’s worth upgrading over a Nexus 4, but overall you get more than your money’s worth from it. It features the latest build of Android KitKat, Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM and it’s the first Nexus device with wireless-AC WiFi. It also comes in both black and white.

Laptop Users

Cheap Ultrabook are hard to find. Fortunately, this week we’ve managed to find one!


ASUS Ultrabook S400CA-BSI3T12 14-inch Intel Core i3 3217U (1.80GHz) 500GB HDD + 24GB SSD (Refurbished)

asus ultrabook s400ca-bsi3t12

  • Price: $349.99; compare to $549.99 brand new
  • Retailer: Newegg via eBay — Buy now

For those of you in the market for a laptop, you may have wondered what’s the deal with Ultrabooks? Matt did a great write up explaining the Ultrabook’s merits What Is An Ultrabook & Can It Succeed? [Technology Explained] Remember when the word laptop described virtually every mobile computer on the market? The choices were certainly easier back then (because there was simply less choice available), but today there’s a far wider variety including... Read More . If you’re interested, $349.99 is about the lowest price you can get for one. The ASUS model costs substantially less than even many budget laptops. While it uses the older generation Ivy Bridge generation of CPU and a small (standard for an Ultrabook) 3-cell battery, the battery life should be around 3 hours. By Haswell standards, that’s not that great – but it should get most people through short periods without socket access.

Like many Ultrabooks, the S400CA features an aluminum shell and 4GB of RAM. It comes with Windows 8 preinstalled.

Matt also provided some laptop buying tips 5 Things to AVOID When Shopping for a Laptop Read More for those considering taking the plunge. Be very careful and consider running some stress tests within the warranty period How To Check New & Used Devices For Problems Using Simple Tips & Software Are you thinking of purchasing a new or used smartphone or computer? While you absolutely must test used electronics, even brand new smartphones and computers can suffer from defects that you may not notice until... Read More .


System Builders

Fry’s is shipping a super cheap Pentium CPU this week.

Intel Pentium G3220 3GHz CPU

intel g3220 CPU

  • Price: $49; compare to $69.99 from Newegg
  • Retailer: Fry’s — Buy now

Intel’s Pentium line of budget CPU makes for excellent HTPC and NAS systems. For most everyday uses, it’s an excellent, energy efficient processor. For $49, it’s a steal. I doubt Fry’s will keep this deal going for very long. Despite the confusing nomenclature, this CPU is actually Haswell, not Ivy Bridge. Ivy Bridge CPUs normally begin with a “3” – for some reason Intel dispensed with that convention for the Pentium series of processor.

You can read more regarding the G3220’s specs directly from Intel.


Cameras and Monitors

This week I found a monitor that I adore and a super low deal on a refurbished DLSR.

1J1 Mirrorless Camera with 10-30mm VR and 30-110mm VR Lenses (Refurbished)

nikon 1 j1

  • Price: $199; compare to $299 from B&H
  • Retailer: Buydig via eBay — Buy now

This is an excellent deal. The Nikon 1 J1 is a great entry level mirrorless camera. The accompanying freebie kit also includes two lenses and a pouch. This particular deal has been featured on other sites, but $199 is the lowest price by $100.

It comes in black, red and white. It also features a 90-day warranty, which isn’t bad for a refurbished model. For the price, though, I suggest checking out a third-party warranty company, such as SquareTrade.


Viewsonic VX2370Smh-LED 23-inch LED Monitor

viewsonic vx2370smh-led monitor

  • Price: $129.99; compare to $219.99 MSRP
  • Retailer: Newegg via eBay — Buy now

The ViewSonic VX2370Smh is one of the best monitors, for the price, that I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, I paid a bit more for my monitor. The only thing it’s lacking is VESA mounting compatibility – which are the four holes in the back of a monitor that let you mount it. But for those who don’t need this feature, strongly consider this deal.

It features a 1920 x 1080 IPS display with a 7 millisecond response time. For me, the key selling point was its matte, anti-glare finish, which remains a relatively less common alternative to glossy display screens. It also features a very high build quality and a stable base. I highly recommend this monitor.


I personally prefer the Pentium G3220 CPU, the mirrorless camera and the Viewsonic monitor. However, all deals presented here are among the best that you can on these particular items.

That’s it for this week folks! Check in again next week for the same low prices.

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  1. James B
    February 5, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    For UK peeps: is currently selling refurbished last gen Nexus 7 @ £99, plus a further £5 for new members if you use my referral code: ZV25144202 - I nabbed one, just because...

    • Kannon Y
      February 5, 2014 at 5:45 pm

      I'll include this link in my deals column published tomorrow. Thanks for the mention James!

  2. Ram
    January 30, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    The Nikon 1 is NOT a DSLR.
    It's a mirrorless camera, there is a big difference.
    It has interchangeable lenses but there is a big difference in sensor size, viewfinder, resolution, etc....

    • Kannon Y
      January 30, 2014 at 7:43 pm

      Thanks for the correction Ram! It clearly looks like a mirrorless, I don't know what I was thinking. The change will be made shortly.

  3. dragonmouth
    January 30, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    How feasible would it be to replace Win 8 with Linux on the Ultrabook? I love the price but hate the O/S.

    • Kannon Y
      February 2, 2014 at 11:11 pm

      Ah, I'm sorry for the late response. :-(

      The chances are pretty good actually:

      In the future I'll keep my eyes peeled for a similarly priced Ultrabook with Linux compatibility.

    • dragonmouth
      February 3, 2014 at 1:37 pm

      "Ah, I’m sorry for the late response. :-("

      No problem, Kannon. I am not about to rush out and get an Ultrabook, inasmuch as I would love to. I'm just keeping my options open.

      Thanks for the link although *buntu will not be my distro of choice. :-)