12 Mystery Podcasts Guaranteed to Tingle Your Spine

Dan Price Updated 28-06-2019

There’s something inherently compelling about a mystery. As humans, we love being strung along, having small parts of a story revealed to us slowly. Which is why mystery novels sell so well. And now there are mystery podcasts to enjoy as well.


In this article we list the best mystery podcasts you can listen to today.

1. Limetown

limetown mystery podcasts

If you enjoy mystery fiction, give Limetown a try. After its initial release in mid-2015, it took less than two months to shoot to the top of the US podcast charts.

The plot revolves around fictional reporter, Lia Haddock. She tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of more than 300 people from a neuroscience research facility.

The first season has six episodes; the second season has five episodes. The story has reached its conclusion, and the creators are not planning any further episodes.


There is also now a prequel novel, written by Cote Smith.

2. The Lost

the lost mystery podcasts

The Lost is a five-part mini-series from New Zealand that explores some of the country’s missing person cases.

Led by reporter Paloma Migone, each episode features witness interviews, interviews with family members, and conversations with other people close to the cases. The aim is to uncover new evidence that might be able to shed some light on the truth behind the stories.


3. Unexplained

unexplained mystery podcasts

Unexplained is a British mystery podcast. It looks at some of the world’s weird goings-on that can’t be explained with simple science.

It covers everything from murder mysteries to purported meetings with the Devil. Through each of the episodes, the blurred line between reality and the paranormal is pondered by the host.

At the time of writing, there are four seasons available.


4. Thinking Sideways

thinking sideways mystery podcasts

One of our favorite history mystery podcasts is Thinking Sideways. It is approaching its 300th episode.

A typical episode focuses on a particular historical mystery, folk tale, or urban legend, which the hosts then discuss in more detail.

To give you an idea of what to expect, recent shows have discussed everything from the Tunguska Event in 1908 to ghost ships on the high seas during the age of pirates.



spines mystery podcasts

SPINES is another one of the best mystery podcasts. The story’s central character is Wren Jones. He wakes up in the aftermath of an occult ritual without any idea of how it got there—and immediately embarks on a quest for answers.

If you like mysterious creatures, occult organizations, amnesia, and strange disappearances, SPINES is worth listening to. The series concluded in 2018 after an impressive 308 episodes.

Due to the length of the story, the publisher has now made the entire series available as a single podcast, turning it into something like an audiobook.

6. Death in Ice Valley

death in ice valley mystery podcasts

Death in Ice Valley is a BBC production that aired in 2018. It tells the story of the “Isdal Woman.” Two kids found her body in the remote Isdalen Valley outside the Norwegian city of Bergen in the 1970s.

Her corpse was badly burned and surrounded by bottles of water, a rubber boot, and burnt paper. Both her identity and the reason for her supposed murder have remained a mystery ever since.

The show is hosted by Norwegian investigative journalist, Marit Higraff, and British BBC radio documentary maker, Neil McCarthy.

7. Empty Frames

empty frames mystery podcasts

Empty Frames explores the famous Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft. In March 1990, 13 works of art worth $500 million were stolen from the museum. It remains the largest-value theft of private property in history.

The heist included pieces by Rembrandt, Degas, and Vermeer, though the more valuable works in the building were left untouched.

No one has ever been charged over the incident, and the paintings are still missing.

8. Mysterious Universe

mysterious universe mystery podcasts

This mystery podcast series isn’t what it sounds like—it’s nothing to do with the Milky Way, the Solar System, or space in general.

Mysterious Universe is a news podcast for anyone interested in supernatural happenings. The show is now up to season 21 and showing no signs of slowing down.

Recent episodes have discussed poltergeist invasions, strange beings in the English countryside, and a controversial theory about obsessive-compulsive disorder.

9. The Black Tapes

the black tapes mystery podcasts

If you liked the popular Serial podcast, you will love The Black Tapes—it uses the same docudrama format, though the subject matter is a bit darker. Disappearances, hauntings, shadowy figures, and rituals are commonplace in episodes.

The Black Tapes begins with a series of seemingly unconnected paranormal cases, but the series’ main protagonist, Alex Reagan, quickly realizes everything isn’t as it seems.

10. Bowraville

bowraville mystery podcasts

The Bowraville murders in Australia happened over a five-month period starting in September 1990. In total, three aboriginal children were killed; they all lived on the same street, and all three disappeared after community parties.

The prime suspect—name unknown—has been tried twice for the murders, in 1994 and 2006. On both occasions, the court acquitted him. The case is still unsolved.

Bowraville is one of the best mystery podcasts if you love stories that are tied up in race relations, law enforcement attitudes, and dodgy legal systems.

11. Tanis

tanis mystery podcasts

The same team who is responsible for The Black Tapes has created Tanis. When the series kicks off, listeners aren’t even sure what Tanis is. A place? A person? Is it biblical? Or historical?

However, with the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Bermuda Triangle, the Super-Sargasso Sea, William Blake, the Freemasons, Xanu, and numbers stations all getting mentions within the first few episodes, there’s a whole lot to dig into and enjoy.

12. The Last Podcast on the Left

last podcast on the left mystery podcasts

Finally, no list of the best mystery podcasts would complete without a mention of The Last Podcast on the Left.

Three comedians host the show. In each episode, they explore a horror, mystery, unexplained phenomena, or another supernatural event.

It’s light-hearted, so if you’re looking for serious mystery podcasts, try the other recommendations instead. However, if you want an easy-to-digest show, you should check it out.

Beyond Mystery Podcasts

After you’ve worked your way through these shows, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll be looking for a different genre of podcast to listen to. After all, there’s only so much mystery that one person can handle.

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  1. Amy
    November 9, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Spines doesn't have 308 episodes. It ends on episode 308, as in the eighth episode of the 3rd season.

  2. Michael
    May 6, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    Or, go to the original dramatic "podcasts" in the form of old time radio shows! Google for 'CBS Radio Mystery Theater' for one of the last great radio shows. You'll find 500+ shows of that great series. OTR was (is) great stuff. Now, dramatic audio has made a comeback in these new podcasts - all good by me! Thanks for the post - found a couple of new series!

    • Dann Albright
      May 13, 2017 at 5:59 pm

      That's a great idea! I've never listened to an old-school radio drama. Sounds like a lot of fun. :-)

      • Gene LeDuc
        July 10, 2019 at 12:23 am

        If you can find recordings of Lights Out, it will be worth your time. Then turn out the lights...