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MyPrice: Helps Freelancers Decide How Much To Charge For Their Services [iOS]

Dave LeClair 05-10-2012

If you are a freelance worker, than you will know that determining a fair price can be a real challenge. You do not want to be underpaid for your time, but you also don’t want to charge so much that you are no longer competitive with other members of your field. The iOS app MyPrice is designed to help freelancers choose a proper rate based on the type of work being performed. It is a very helpful tool for all freelance workers.


how much to charge for freelance

This app factors in your location, experience, costs, and type of work to figure out the perfect rate to charge. You can have it recommend a price for hourly work or for a whole project. This feature is great as some jobs pay on a different structure than others.


Another nice feature of this app is that it keeps track of your project history. This is helpful for remembering what you charged for a certain job. After all, if you work for many companies, it can be hard to remember how much you charged each one. For the freelancer, this is a perfect app.


  • Find out how much to charge for certain freelance jobs.
  • Uses your experience, location, costs, and type of work to determine a fair price.
  • Keeps track of your project history.
  • Provides a helpful tip of the day for freelance workers.

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