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Umar 25-03-2013

Mind maps are an excellent way to record brainstorming session. But noting a mind map on a piece of paper and then porting it to your computer can take quite a bit of your time. Here to help is a website called MyndBook that lets you create mind maps directly on your computer.


share mind maps online

MyndBook is a free to use web service. This web tool lets its users create mind maps with unprecedented ease. You start by creating an account on the website either by providing your email address or by connecting your Facebook account. The latter option will be very useful in case you want to share your mind maps with others. You can then create a ‘book’ which you can consider to be a project.

This book can have numerous pages on which you can add your mind maps. The maps you create on the site are actually quite organized. While this organization makes the map resembles a real mind map less, such a format makes it a lot easier to extract the ideas from your maps.

You start with a main blue node that you can resize, double click to change its name, and attach map branches to. For the branches, you can set a title as well as a description. You can add multiple blue nodes and branch notes to create a more organized mind map that will help you have more organized brainstorming sessions.




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