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Azim Toktosunov 13-02-2013

My Study Life is an online planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make the process of education easier for everyone involved. It stores everything related to studies in the cloud and makes it available from anywhere. To start using it, add the extension to your Chrome browser and lauch the app. It is divided into 4 main tabs – today, timetable, tasks and exams.


Today screen prompts you on upcoming events events for the day – how many classes left, tasks overdue today/tomorrow. Classes that conflict with exams are intelligently detected so you can miss a class instead of an important exam. Classes or exams with one or more tasks are marked to remind you to start working on them.


study planner for students


The Timetable screen gives you an overall visual representation for your week. Timetables can be confusing, especially when they (timetables) alternate every two weeks. My Study Life makes it less confusing and lets you choose between a static, manual and automatic mode for your timetable, and assigns each subject its own unique colour. All your subjects are grouped by weekdays and times of the day. Click on any class to get a detailed view of the class including tasks due for the class over the coming weeks.




In the “Tasks and Exams” screen you can easily manage tasks and exams. Tasks are divided into 3 categories – Assignments, Revisions and Reminders. You can easily track the state of a task’s completion thanks to a progress slider, which can be adjusted from 0-100%. Based on their progress state tasks and exams have different colours. So if a task is due within the next 3 days and the progress is less than 100% it is displayed orange, if it is due in less than a day it becomes red and so on.

Tasks and Exams

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