Music Maker Jam: Create Audio Tracks In Windows 8 Using Various Prerecorded Sequences

MOin 11-01-2013

Listening to music is something that everybody enjoys. But regardless of how big a fan you are of listening to music, you will enjoy creating music yourself more. To help you do this with prerecorded sequences, there are numerous desktop applications available. But many of them have been created for existing operating systems.


For people who have just got hold of the Windows 8 OS and installed it on their computer, finding such a music creation app compatible with their computer might not be easy. Music Maker Jam is an app that will end your search of a music creation Windows 8 app.

make audio tracks in windows 8

Music Maker Jam is a free to use desktop application computers that are running the Windows 8 OS. The app provides you with multiple channels of sounds to create your own tracks. What makes this app unique is that it lets you assign instruments to each channel which better enables you to set the desired individual instrument volumes for your output audio.

Apart from instruments, you can add parts of prerecorded songs you like to get the audio track you want to create. Effects can be added in real time too which makes it easier and all the more fun to create tracks that sound truly unique.

music maker jam


The app offers professionally produced loops to its users; the loops include Dubstep, Tech House, Jazz and Rock. The BBM and step sequencers let you easily adjust the speed settings / tempo of your songs. And your output can be recorded in an MP3 file.


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