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Motorola’s Razr Is Coming Back as a High-End, $1500 Smartphone

Dave LeClair 18-01-2019

One of the most iconic cell phones in history could be poised to make a comeback, as it looks like the Motorola Razr is set to return in the form of a foldable $1500 smartphone. The announcement of the upcoming phone hasn’t been confirmed just yet, so, for the time being, we need to treat it as a rumor.


Currently, Motorola is owned by Lenovo, and it looks like the company is aiming to cash in on the nostalgia many phone owners have towards the Razr. For many, it was the first “cool” cell phone they ever owned, so it would make a great deal of sense for the company to try to target owners of the original phone.

And if $1500 is out of your budget, the Moto G5 Plus is a much more budget-friendly option from the same company.

What We Know About the New Razr so Far

According to Wall Street Journal, the phone is scheduled to launch as soon as February and it will be exclusive to Verizon in the US.

The report says that it will be a foldable phone, which means that Lenovo and Motorola could actually beat Samsung to the market for devices with a folding screen.


Unfortunately, we don’t know too much else about the phone. According to Digital Spy, the device will have a Snapdragon 855 processor and will apparently have an OLED foldable touchscreen that won’t crease or snap, but that’s about all we know for now.

The less exciting part of the rumor is the price, as it appears that the phone will retail for a whopping $1500. To put that price into perspective, the 128GB Google Pixel 3 retails for $999. Obviously, we don’t have another folding phone to compare it to, but we can definitely say that this won’t be a budget-friendly smartphone by any means.

It’s a New Razr, Yes It Is

As mentioned, the phone is rumored to hit the market as soon as February, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to hear more concrete details about its specs and features.

The WSJ report indicated that Lenovo is planning to manufacture 200,000 of the luxury phones, so while it won’t necessarily be limited, it does look like there will be a finite amount of devices available.

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