MotoDiary: Simple & Secure Online Journal
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If you are looking for an extremely simple and minimalistic online tool to start writing a daily journal then MotoDiary is something you should try out. This cross-browser tool that runs even on a cellphone, gives you a pen and paper feel when you type on its interface. The best part is the security. Everything is encrypted right on your computer (in fact, on your browser). So, no one else can access your journal, no matter what.

secure online journal

secure online journal

The tool is HTML 5 powered, and the encryption it offers also works on browsers on a mobile phone or devices like the iPad. You just need to click on “Try it now for free” and get started.


  • Simple and minimalistic tool to write a daily journal
  • Works on all modern browsers
  • Also works on mobile phone and portable devices like the iPad
  • Everything is encrypted before it’s sent to their servers
  • HTML 5 powered service
  • User interface gives a pen and paper feeling
  • Similar tools: OhLife, Daileez, Memiary, Penzu and Diary.

Check out MotoDiary@

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