Motion Time Lapser: Adds Motion To Your Time Lapse Videos

Azim Toktosunov 29-04-2013

Time-lapse photography is a technique where a scene is captured at a lower frequency but viewed at a higher frequency giving a sequence a higher speed at a playback. Some classic examples of time-lapse photography include a growing plant or an opening flower, evolution of a construction project or a sun rising fast in the background.


Now, you can add further motion to your time lapses thanks to Motion Time Lapser. It lets you create time lapses from a group of photos by configuring start and end rectangle points, thereby adding further movement to your time lapse.  Once you download and install the program on your computer, choose a folder with your images.

motion time lapser

Next, select the destination folder for cropped images. Define the start rectangle (green in the picture) and the ending rectangle (red). Select movement type (constant, accelerated, decelerated), re-size all pictures to the final size of the pictures and choose the quality, and click Start.

motion time lapser,

The software will loop through all the pictures in the origin folder and use their name to sort them. So you have to make sure that their name sorting and time sorting are the same. The result is a movement from left to right. The advanced options include changing the Y axis to get diagonal movement, zoomin in and out, rotation of the picture and others.


It is better to see it in action to understand how it works. See the videos below.

The first video is an unedited time lapse of a sunrise. The camera is static.

Now compare it to the edited version. The camera is moving.


  • Adds motion to your time lapses.
  • Move pictures from left to right or right to left.
  • Movement of pictures – constant speed, accelerated or decelerated.
  • Rotate pictures.
  • Similar tools – Google Street View Hyperlapse, Chronolapse.

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