8 Mother’s Day Spotify Playlists to Send Your Mom

Dan Price 17-04-2019

Norway is the first country to celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in February. While Indonesia celebrates Mother’s Day on 22 December every year. In most of the world, however, including the United States, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May.


We’ll assume you’re buying your mom a card and a gift, and maybe taking her out for dinner. If you want to give your mom a Mother’s Day to remember, why not send her one of these Mother’s Day Spotify playlists as well? They’re packed full of songs for moms.

1. Mother’s Day Love

The obvious place to start our list is with Spotify’s own Mother’s Day Love playlist. As the name suggests, it has been curated with the aim of providing the perfect backdrop to the day itself.

Many of the songs on the playlist are loosely connected to the theme of motherhood, with tracks like “Superwoman” by Alica Keys, “A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men, “Somebody’s Hero” by Jamie O’Neal, and “The Mother” by Brandi Carlile..

In total, the playlist has 29 songs and lasts for 1 hour, 54 mins.


2. Mother Son Wedding Dance Songs

Yes, we know that strictly this playlist is for listening to at weddings, but it’s a great playlist for Mother’s Day too. As you’d expect, they are all songs that underscore the special mother-son bond. Make sure you’ve got a pack of tissues handy!

Meritage Entertainment is the creator. It has opted to include music like Elton John’s “Your Song,” Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me,” and Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young”.

It’s quite a short playlist—just 21 songs—but it’s a good’un. It’ll last for 1 hour, 28 mins.


3. Mother-Daughter Car Ride

Are you heading out for a big family lunch on Mother’s Day? If you are, you’re going to need something to sing along to on the way there.

Spotify has created this awesome Mother-Daughter Car Ride playlist which fits the bill perfectly. It’s packed with upbeat pop songs that are ideal for belting out at untold volumes.

Artists in the list include Whitney Houston, Katy Perry, Sixpence None the Richer, and The Bangles. Female vocalists dominate, but there are some male singers in there as well.


4. How I Met Your Mother Best Songs

How I Met Your Mother was a TV ratings hit for almost a decade after it first went on air in 2005. For those who aren’t aware, the series followed a group of friends in New York City as the chief character—Ted Mosby—regales the story to his kids about how he met their mother.

The romantic comedy is filled with emotional moments, and this playlist includes all the music that’s playing during those iconic scenes.

Who knows—it might even make your dad relive the story of how he met your mother (if you even want to know!).


The list of songs includes tracks such as Nada Surf’s “Inside of Love”, “I Do, I Do” by Charlie Mars, and “You Don’t Know Me” by Michael Bublé. There are 44 songs in total.

5. Disney Hits

What about taking your mom on a journey back to when you were a little kid? For lots of moms, that can only mean one thing—lots and lots of Disney movies.

If you’re the type of kid who forced your mother to rewatch Toy Story dozens of times, this official Disney Hits playlist will transport her back in time in an instant.

With 67 songs on the playlist, all the hits from many of Disney greatest stories are included. You can listen to music from The Lion King, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, and more.

Just promise us that you’ll do your mom a favor and not listen to it on repeat!

(Note: If you’re still a massive Disney fan, remember the new Disney+ streaming service is launching in 2019 The Disney+ Streaming Service Is Launching in 2019 Disney's streaming service, called Disney+, is set to launch in late 2019. And it's going to be packed with original content. Read More .)

6. Love for Mother’s Day

Spotify’s other big in-house Mother’s Day playlist is called Love for Mother’s Day. It’s not as popular as Mother’s Day Love (5,000 followers vs. 17,000 followers), but it’s more varied, has more songs (51 vs. 29), and is longer (3 hours, 17 mins in total).

Instead of trying to force in titles that have a vague connection to being a mother, the Love for Mother’s Day appears to be more focused on good music that’s popular among Spotify’s userbase of mothers.

The tunes are generally slower and more melodic. Example artists include Matthew West, Amy Grant, Leona Lewis, and Carrie Underwood.

7. Acoustic Spring

Probably the most common gift on Mother’s Day is a bedazzling bouquet of flowers. Coincidently, flowers tend to bloom in the spring, which is also the season in which Mother’s Day falls in most of the world.

That all means that Spotify’s Acoustic Spring playlist is another perfect soundtrack for Mother’s Day. It’s calm and tranquil, includes acoustic versions of some well-known songs, and the playlist’s artwork is a flower bouquet. What more could you want? This is the playlist you should fire up while taking your mom some breakfast in bed.

Artists on the 59-song playlist include Blanco White, Nick Mulvey, Mipso, and Tom West.

8. Girl Power Karaoke

After dinner, it’s time to unwind with a bit of fun, and what better playlist to accompany that downtime that an ensemble of girl power anthems for your mom to rock out to?

Unlike the other Mother’s Day music that we have introduced you to, this playlist leans more towards modern tracks. There are artists like Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainor, Pink, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Pussycat Dolls, and Ellie Goulding. Which makes it perfect for younger mothers.

There are 30 songs in total, and the playlist lasts for almost two hours. Which should be more than enough time for everyone to lose their voices.

Other Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

These Mother’s Day Spotify playlists should help to make sure you’ve got the soundtrack to Mother’s Day nailed down. But music is just one part of the equation of creating the perfect Mother’s Day for your mom.

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  1. Alina
    April 17, 2019 at 11:16 pm

    You should add Louis Tomlinson's song 'Two Of Us' :) it definenly fits Mother's Day theme! He wrote it for his late Mother and it's such a beautiful and touching song!