10 Netflix Movies to Watch With Mom on Mother’s Day

Most moms love to spend time with their families, and this is especially true on Mother’s Day. So, after you all go out for that big meal, why not gather around the TV and relax with a movie.

Netflix boasts some great movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day and beyond. The streaming service has movies to make you chuckle, shed a tear, and enjoy the holiday with those you love.

In this article, we have the best Netflix movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day.

Netflix Movies to Watch With Mom

You may have a grown child who is starting their own life or a baby who is just beginning theirs. Either way, these films will have you and your mom dancing, smiling, and laughing together this Mother’s Day.

1. Hairspray [No Longer Available]

Some movies are just fun to watch with mom and Hairspray is one of them. Follow a plump teenage girl, played by Nikki Blonsky, land a spot on a television dance show in 1962. What she does to fit in and how she does it, creates this upbeat musical that neither of you will forget.

A remake of the original 1988 film, this version of Hairspray will have you and your mom putting on your dance shoes and dancing along with the movie.

2. Chocolat [No Longer Available]

What mom doesn’t enjoy a bit of chocolate now and then? Or in this case, the movie Chocolat. Follow a mom and her daughter as they head to France and open a very unique chocolate shop in a quiet, old-fashioned village.

With delicious treats that bring more than a satisfied sweet tooth, the townspeople begin to experience more happiness than they’ve known. The film stars Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, and Johnny Depp for a tasty mix of talent.

3. Monster-in-Law [No Longer Available]

When a single woman about to give up on love meets Mr. Right who has a mother on a mission to keep them apart, a Monster-in-Law is created. This hysterical film starring Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, and Michael Vartan is an entertaining way to spend Mother’s Day with your mom or your mother-in-law.

How far will a mother go to keep her successful, handsome son all to herself? Sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh as you find out with Monster-in-Law.

Netflix Movies to Watch With the Family

Sometimes a funny film that the entire family can enjoy is the perfect way to spend time together. These family-friendly Netflix movies will definitely put smiles on faces.

4. Harry and the Hendersons [No Longer Available]

Harry and the Hendersons is a cute movie that starts with a family led by John Lithgow traveling home through the woods. They have a slight accident when they hit something with their car and then discover it’s a sasquatch! Thinking the poor creature didn’t make it, they bring it home with them. But then the creature awakens, and the real fun begins.

Not judging a book by its cover is just one moral of this story. The scary sasquatch turns out to be the opposite to what you’d think, making this heartwarming tale a great one to share with the kids. And along with many others, this film is on our list of Netflix movies to watch on Father’s Day 10 Dad Movies to Watch on Netflix This Father's Day Father's Day is the perfect occasion for an indulgent meal, awesome gifts, and if you're a family of film buffs, a movie marathon! Read More too.

5. Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves [No Longer Available]

This amusing follow-up to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is one of those movies your children or grandchildren will love. In this sequel, rather than shrinking the kids, the silly scientist shrinks himself, and inadvertently a few other people. The best part is that his children have no idea and think they are simply home alone.

For a wacky bit of entertainment, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves is a fun family film.

6. The Flintstones [No Longer Available]

Based on the widely popular cartoon, The Flintstones movie from 1994 is hilarious. With a winning cast of John Goodman, Rick Moranis, Rosie O’Donnell, Elizabeth Perkins, and other great actors, this film is worth a watch.

Take your family on a fun-filled trip to Bedrock with Fred, Barney, and the rest of the clan to see what happens with Fred lands the job of his dreams. You’ll be glad you did.

7. Are We There Yet?

When a ladies’ man, played by Ice Cube, tries to win over a beautiful divorced woman, he decides to take her children on a road trip to help her out. Unfortunately, he has no idea what lies ahead on this trip for him as these kids are aren’t exactly up for a new man in their mom’s life.

With tons of laughs, watch the hilarious extremes these children will go through to protect their mom from the dating game. The whole family is sure to enjoy this comedy on Mother’s Day.

Classic Movies for Everyone to Enjoy on Netflix

Whether an older movie you miss, or a classic story brought up to date for modern sensibilities, the movies are for everyone to enjoy together. And if you really love these classics, check out our guide to FilmStruck A Guide to FilmStruck, the Netflix for Classic Movies With Netflix focusing more on original content these days, there's a gap in the market for a service that streams classic movies. FilmStruck is here to fill that gap. Read More for even more options.

8. Benji

Lassie wasn’t the only dog capable of being a savior. As in 1974 Benji came to the big screen. This adorable pup saves two children who have been kidnapped. And the journey that he goes on is an unforgettable one.

Follow Benji in this classic film that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with that furry little guy. Dog moms everywhere will appreciate the original.

9. Little Women

For another wonderful classic tale, this version of Little Women is a 1994 remake of the 1933 film and adaptation of the 1868 novel. Starring Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, and Kirsten Dunst, prepare to go back in time to the post-Civil War era in America.

The story takes you on a journey with a mother and her daughters as they learn to live and grow after the man of the house leaves to help the cause. Little Women is a sentimental film that will make you laugh and cry together.

10. Beauty and the Beast [No Longer Available]

Beauty and the Beast may not be considered a classic in the true sense of the word. But the story is one that mothers have read to their daughters for generations. This 2017 adaptation of the storybook stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

When the two fall in love, it is a wonderful reminder and important lesson for all that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Pick a Movie and Prepare for Mother’s Day

Hopefully one or more of these Netflix movies will make its way into your plans for Mother’s Day. And as you’re on a mission to make mom feel special on her big day, how about adding a gift?

If you need help in that department then check out these sites for Mother’s Day gifts and this list of gift ideas for geeky moms Need a Mother's Day Gift? These 10 Gadgets Are Perfect Choices! Searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Here are some of the best gadget gifts that Mom will love all year round. Read More for inspiration.

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