MorphThing: Morph Faces Online
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MorphThing is an online face morpher. It lets you take any two face images, can be celebrity photos or your own and then morph two different faces into one.

How does it work:

  • 1. Register (only if you wish to morph your images as well).
  • 2. Choose or upload images you want to morph.
  • 3. Prepare images following on-site step by step instructions.
  • 4. When ready click on “Morph” button.
  • online face morpher


    • Morph two faces into one.
    • Morph face images from your computer or use celebrity faces.
    • Check out and rate morphed photos created by others.
    • Share your images with friends by forwarding them a link.
    • Embed your creations on other sites.
    • Also see PhotoFunia and Montagraph

    Visit MorphThing @

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