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Dave LeClair 28-03-2013

Are you looking to expand upon the websites you visit frequently? We all have our favorite websites (hopefully MakeUseOf is one of yours), and it’s certainly useful to expand our horizons and find new websites to kill time and gain knowledge. Of course, you probably don’t want to break too far out of your comfort zone, and you will probably want websites that are similar to the kinds of places you frequent on a daily basis.


This is where More Sites Like comes into play, as it allows you to find all kinds of sites based on any other website.

find websites similar to other websites

To use the site, you simply type in a search term or the URL of a website you want compared. It will show you a list of websites based on the search term or URL, ranked by popularity and similarity, so you know exactly what you are looking for and whether or not it is something that will suit your tastes.


Everything on the site is organized by tags and topics. For some smaller sites, you might find that there are no topics, and you can actually help the site by adding topics for a particular website on which you are basing your search. This website makes for a great way to find new places on the web, and really, most web browsers are just looking for new ways to find more information and fun places to hang out on the Internet.



  • Find new places on the web-based on certain searches.
  • Get widgets based on your searches.
  • See sites recently checked by other users.
  • Discover new places on the web.

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