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MoreSearchContextMenu: Add More Custom Search Providers In Firefox’s Context Menu

moin 05-03-2013

Do you want to be able to quickly search for a word that you find on a webpage? Perhaps you would like to find out its meaning or perhaps you would want to see if there are any files for it available on your favorite torrents How to Find Legal Torrents Online: The Best Sources Here are all the best online sources to find legal torrents. With these, you can download lots of content for free! Read More website? All you need to do is add the request URL of your desired search engine to Firefox through an add-on called MoreSearchContextMenu.


firefox add search to context menu

MoreSearchContextMenu is a free to use browser tool that comes for Mozilla Firefox. The tool installs itself as an add-on for your Firefox web browser and it helps you execute quick searches on various online search engines 10 Offbeat & Alternative Search Engines You Might Not Have Heard Of These ten alternative search engines are offbeat in two ways – firstly, in the way some of them get to the data, and secondly in the way they display it. You should keep a few... Read More . By default, when you highlight a word on a webpage and then right-click on it in Firefox, you are presented with the option to search for it using your default search engine. This add-on helps you expand those options.

After you install the add-on, you can go to its options and set up which search engines you want appearing in the search options. You will find that the add-on has Google and Wikipedia listed by default. You can add more search engines by naming and adding their search URL. To get the search URL you must first execute a search using that engine and then replace the search query in the URL with {0}. After you name the engine and enter its Request URL, remember to save the add-on’s settings.

From then onwards whenever you right-click on a highlighted word in Firefox, you will be shown the options to search for it on any website that you have specified.




  • A user friendly browser tool.
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Adds more search engines in Firefox’s context menu.
  • Let’s you add custom search engines by adding their request URL.

Check out MoreSearchContextMenu @ [No Longer Available]

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