Monotony: RSS Update Notifier (Mac)
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Be notified every time one of your favorite RSS feeds is updated. Monotony is a tiny app for your Mac that does one thing: checks RSS feeds and lets you know when something new is up.

A replacement for Google Reader this isn’t – Monotony is simply for alerts. If there’s an RSS feed you need to keep up with, to the minute, Monotony is probably for you. If there are 100 RSS feeds you read through once a day, best look elsewhere.

Setting up Monotony is easy: just fire up the program and add the RSS feeds you wish to be notified about.

Monotony: RSS Update Notifier (Mac) monotony settings

Choose whether you want to use Growl for notifications – I only really recommend this if you’re not using Mountain Lion, or if know you prefer growl. You can also set the program to start at boot and run in the background, if you want. Notifications will show up after you add feeds.

Monotony: RSS Update Notifier (Mac) monotony notifications

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Growl or the Notification Center – simply click a notification to read that article in your default browser.

There’s really nothing else to say here. Monotony does not offer an archive of posts, beyond what is in the Notification Center, and it will not show you any articles added to the web while you were offline. It’s not meant to be a Google Reader replacement:

Check out Monotony @ Tim

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