Monochro: Remove Background Colors & Font Styles From Websites

Umar 03-06-2013

While styling one’s website is cool, sometimes developers can go overboard and cram a lot of designs and colors – too much for the site visitor to be comfortable with. Here to help you ‘fix’ those websites is a tool called Monochro.



Monochro is a free to use browser add-on that is compatible with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The function of this add-on is to remove background colors and special fonts from webpages. Usage of this neat add-on can improve the scroll speed on webpages and helps you eliminate any undesired formatting that is viewed on excessively decorated websites. To get started with using this tool, all you have to do is install the add-on onto your browser. Once this is done, you can visit any website and view the difference produced by the add-on i.e. that background colors and font styles will be removed. To specify the impact of the add-on, you can enter its Options panel. In the tool’s preferences, a user is able to tell the add-on whether to remove the background colors on a webpage or the fonts on it. You also have the option to remove both things. The Preferences also let you hide the view menu item, hide the context menu item, show the statusbar icon, and keep the add-on settings at browser shutdown.

Overall, this add-on will serve excellently to anybody who wants to view a webpage’s content but is tired of its excessive decoration and stylesheets.


  • A user friendly browser add-on
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox
  • Lets you eliminate background colors / textures from webpages
  • Lets you eliminate font styles from webpages

Check out Monochro @ [No Longer Available]

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