Monitor Calibration Tool: Properly Calibrate Your Monitor Online

Israel Nicolas 20-02-2010

A well-calibrated monitor is extremely important for professions that handle graphics and pictures  (i.e. photographers, web and graphic designers, video editors) since they need to view their material in the best color representation possible. In addition, if you are a media freak, you will definitely want a well-tuned monitor.


Photo Friday’s Monitor Calibration Tool is a webpage that guides you on how to properly calibrate your monitor online. Although it won’t tweak the monitor settings for you, it will certainly help you decide if your monitor is at its optimal viewing condition.

calibrate your monitor online

To calibrate your monitor with this tool, you need to dim the lights you are using and then set your browser to full screen mode. All you need to do is adjust the brightness and the contrast of your monitor until tones that are lighter than true black are clearly distinguishable from true black, and tones immediately darker than true white are distinguishable from true white. The webpage includes a palette of the grayscale tone, as well as some black and white graphics, to help you judge whether or not your monitor is already calibrated.


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