10 Money Management Windows Apps for Effective Budgeting

Sandy Writtenhouse 14-02-2018

Managing the money you make, cash you spend, and chunks you owe to others can be tedious. But with simple Windows apps, you can see where those dollars go Make a Personal Budget With Microsoft Excel in 4 Easy Steps Do you have so much debt that it will take decades to pay off? Make a budget and use these Excel tips to pay off your debt sooner. Read More and make a plan to pay off your debts.


These free tools take the work out of budgeting and planning. They have just the features you need to make your money work for you.

Income and Expense Trackers

With any type of budget, keeping track of income and expenses is key. Watch where your money goes and how much you can afford for those little extras with these great Windows apps.

1. Spending Tracker

money management apps for windows

For an extremely simple way to keep an eye on where your money ends up, check out Spending Tracker. You can add your income and expenses, include the dates, and pick categories.

For income, you can choose Salary for the category or add one of your own. This is helpful for secondary income. For expenses, categories include clothes, entertainment, fuel, and shopping. But again, you can add your own for items like rent or loans.


As you add your transactions, you will see them listed along with your ending balance and a nice pie chart. You can view transactions by the week, month, and year. The app is free, but if you are interested in setting recurring income and expense items, you can look at the Pro version.

2. MoneyBook

money management apps for windows

Another easy-to-use spending tracker is MoneyBook. This app also provides spots for income and expenses along with categories for each.

You can add a description for the transaction, select from ATM, Bank, or Wallet for the type, and view all of your transactions with options to edit or delete them.


The main screen gives you a simple chart view of your income and expenses for the last seven days. You can also see the totals and your current balance. For a basic, free money tracker, MoneyBook works well. If you are interested in additional features like recurring transactions and more timeline options, you can check out the full version.

3. Money Fox

money management apps for windows

If you want a simple spending tracker that backs up to your OneDrive account, Money Fox is a great option. Start by adding your accounts, like bank or cash. Then, use the plus and minus buttons at the bottom to add your income and expenses.

The app does not provide categories, so you just create your own. This is good for people who would rather make the categories themselves. You can also use the Repeat slider for a convenient way to add recurring transactions.


For viewing your income and expenses, you can pick from Cashflow, Category Spending, or Category Summary options. And, you can set the date range for each one.

4. Perfect Accounting Assistant

money management apps for windows

Perfect Accounting Assistant is another terrific Windows app for budgeting your money. Like the others, you have accounts for cash, debit cards, or something specific. So, add your income, pick a category, and include the date. You can also add income for other household members like your husband or wife, for a complete home budget.

Expenses are just as easy to add and there are a ton of categories and subcategories that you can edit if needed. You can also include notes and upload a photo.


When you’re ready to review your spending, you can select a timeframe or enter a custom date range. Your items are plotted on a chart and you can see a grid with the totals and your current balance.

You have flexible viewing options with the Perfect Accounting Assistant app. View only income, only expenses, or both. Choose a pie chart or bar chart, and view all transactions for the month on the main screen. You can also personalize it with a color or theme and manage your accounts, members, and categories with ease.

5. Money Keeper

money management apps for windows

Money Keeper goes a bit beyond simple income and expense tracking. You can add various accounts, like cash, bank, or ATM, set up a specific budget, view a selection of reports, and see a clear overview of all income and expenses.

Transaction types include income, expenses, transfers, and adjustments. You can add a payee to each transaction as well as an event or mark it as Borrow to pay. The app provides many categories such as auto, entertainment, health, and home. Plus, you can edit those or create your own.

Another nice thing about Money Keeper is that it’s available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. So, you can add items on-the-go to stay in sync at all times.

Sharing Expenses

If you live with roommates, then splitting rent, bills, and household items Calculate Tips And Split Bills With These Beautiful Smartphone Apps Don't let your lack of mental math skills embarrass you when the bill hits the table -- whip out your smartphone and fire up one of these great apps. Read More is normal. Keep track of who has to pay what and when with these helpful Windows apps.

6. Tricount

money management apps for windows

With Tricount, you just add your participants, pick a category, and create the household item you want to split. Pop in details such as who is responsible to pay it for everyone, when it’s due, and the amount. The app will split the total evenly amongst your participants, but you can adjust those amounts if needed.

Tricount is also helpful for paying back your roommates, friends, or family members. Maybe you threw a party, bought a gift, or went to a restaurant and picked up the bill yourself. You can easily see how much each person owes you after the event.

Because you can adjust the amounts with the plus and minus signs quickly, it’s handy if one person owes more than another. So, when you are sharing expenses with others in the house, make sure everyone kicks in their fair share with Tricount.

7. Split It [No Longer Available]

money management apps for windows

Split It, a Splitwise client, is another good app for splitting expenses for household items and events. Add each person and optionally their email address. Then, just enter your bills. Split It is helpful for monthly expenses along with one-time purchases where everyone will chip in.

The app will split the total amount evenly, but you can adjust this. You can use exact amounts or percentages, make adjustments, and have it split equally or unequally as needed.

When it’s time to pay up, hit the Settle Up button. Then record a cash payment or use PayPal or Venmo. The main screen on Split It shows group balances and current transactions. You can also adjust your account for notifications, default currency, and time zone.

Quick Calculations

Whether you’re saving for something special or trying to pay off a debt, these quick calculators The Best Personal Finance & Budget Calculators to Manage Your Spendings Getting your finances in order can be tough, but having the right figures on hand makes it a lot easier. No matter you financial situation, we have the calculators you need. Read More are handy to have.

8. Penny A Day

money management apps for windows

For the fastest way to see how much you can save with just dollars a day is the Penny A Day app. Select from $2, $5, $10, or a combination. Then, see how much money you will have at the end of one, two, or even 25 years.

You can adjust the interest from one to 10 percent and see the totals at the top change with your adjustments. And, if you see the goal you want to meet, you can save the details as a CSV file. Penny A Day is a simple yet excellent tool to help you see and set your savings goal.

9. Credit Card EMI Calculator

money management apps for windows

The Credit Card EMI Calculator can give you the big picture when paying off your debt. It works for credit cards, personal loans, and car loans too. Enter the principal, interest rate, duration in months, and applicable processing fees.

Once you enter the details and hit the Calculate button, you will see your EMI (equated monthly installment) amount, the total interest you will pay, and the grand total paid at the end of the loan. This is a wonderful tool for seeing if you can pay more to reduce the interest paid or pay off the debt faster.

10. Loan Payment Calculator

money management apps for windows

For an easy overview of longterm loans, like real estate or mortgage, or comparing different options, Loan Payment Calculator is ideal. Enter the principal amount, interest rate, and duration in years. You can then view a full payment schedule and a summary.

For comparing options from different banks or loan companies, you can enter information for a side-by-side comparison. This shows you each option’s payment schedule and summary. Get a good view of a loan before you apply with this Loan Payment Calculator.

Which Tools Do You Use to Manage Your Money?

Some people like full-featured budgeting tools The Online Budget Battle: Mint vs. You Need a Budget (YNAB) When it comes to online budgeting and expense tracking, there are plenty of solutions, but two of the biggest names in the business are Mint and You Need a Budget (YNAB). Read More that connect to their bank account. But others prefer a basic method of managing income and expenses or calculating and splitting costs.

These Windows apps are perfect for those who want a simple tool that helps them budget and plan. And, you might also check out the best Windows 10 apps The Best Microsoft Store Apps for Windows 10 Microsoft Store apps for Windows 10 have come a long way. Here's our selection of the best Windows 10 apps, both free and paid. Read More in more categories like productivity, photo editing, and shopping.

What tool do you like for budgeting your money? Do you use something specific for calculating loans or splitting bills with roomies?

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