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The MOFT Z Foldable Standing Desk Launches on Kickstarter

James Frew 11-02-2020

Laptops aren’t the most comfortable devices to work with. Often, you’ll find yourself looking down towards the display. Once you add peripherals like Bluetooth keyboards and mice, your desktop space can quickly become unmanageable, too.


Laptop stands are regularly touted as the answer to this mobile conundrum, but they’re usually impractical to carry around. The newly-launched MOFT Z invisible laptop stand and standing desk, however, may be exactly what you’re after.

What Is the MOFT Z?

MOFT Z foldable standing desk and laptop stand

The MOFT Z is a foldable laptop stand that pulls double duty as a standing desk, too. The accessory is made of lightweight material and is designed to fold down to the thickness of a magazine. This makes the MOFT Z the perfect companion for wherever you’re working.

Previous MOFT designs focused on supporting your device, but the MOFT Z takes things a step further, allowing you to turn the stand into a fully-supported standing desk. The Z is capable of holding 22 pounds and reaches a height of 10 inches.

It is also much cheaper than traditional adjustable workspaces, which can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands for high-end models. It’s worth checking out the best adjustable standing desks The Best Adjustable Standing Desks (And Why You Need One) Got back pain or leg pain? Make the switch to a standing desk in 2018. And not just any standing desk -- an adjustable standing desk. Read More if you’re after a more permanent, fixed solution.


In sitting mode, the MOFT Z can be adjusted between 25, 45, and 60 degree viewing angles. Rather than having to change your posture to fit the laptop, the MOFT Z’s adjustable angle makes switching between tasks, like watching a video or typing, a breeze.

Where Can You Buy the MOFT Z?

The MOFT Z invisible laptop stand and foldable standing desk will be available from Feb 18th on Kickstarter for the super early bird price of $49. Previous MOFT releases were also first listed on the crowdfunding platform, before making their way to traditional retail stores like Amazon. That’ll be the case here, too.

At launch, there’ll be a choice of four colors; red, orange, turquoise, and blue. If you work on-the-go, the MOFT Z is a sensible investment. This is especially true given the serious health issues you can develop from sitting too long 4 Serious Health Issues From Sitting Too Long (And How to Avoid Them) Sitting too long at your desk or on your couch is a modern epidemic. Here are four deadly risks to a sedentary lifestyle. Read More .

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