MoboPlayer: An Alternative Video Player For Android

Israel Nicolas 06-08-2012

If you are looking for alternative video players on your Android phone, then you should strongly consider MoboPlayer. This app sports a more flexible UI and a stronger feature set than the default Android video player with features such as a floating window player, more decoding options, a list or grid view for the video browser, and more.


alternative video player for android

Playing videos in the app is pretty straightforward, but it also has a lot of playback settings like subtitles, playlist creation, change background colors, and a lot more manual controls. Navigating videos may be a bit difficult compared to other players which is something they have to improve.

The depth of options, sharp playback, and flexibility in file formats makes MoboPlayers one of the better alternative video players in the Android ecosystem.


  • Alternative media player for Android.
  • Plays different kinds of media formats like MKV and MOV.
  • Most settings will need manual control.
  • List or grid navigation for videos.
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