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Mobile Seesmic – The Best Way To Access Facebook & Twitter [Android]

Ryan Dube 16-02-2012

mobile seesmic for androidI have to admit that I really enjoy Facebook. I like being able to get quick updates from my family without the need for a half-hour phone call. Not that I don’t love those phone calls, but they really don’t happen frequently enough to stay on top of what’s going on with family and friends. Certainly not on a daily basis.


The one thing that I’ve always struggled with is finding a really good mobile app that gives me the level of interaction with Facebook that I have when I’m sitting at home on the PC. I’ve been using the official mobile Facebook app for quite a while, but I find that it’s somewhat slow on the Android, and the most recent version has started crashing on me.

Every now and then, I’ll head out in search of a better mobile app to connect with my favorite social networks – Facebook and Twitter – but rarely find anything that encourages me to switch. However, recently I came across the mobile Seesmic app and realized that my wait was finally over.

Going Mobile On Facebook & Twitter With Seesmic

I’ve been using Seesmic Desktop 2 ever since it came out. In fact we’ve covered a lot of stories on Seesmic here at MUO in the past, such as Evan’s article about using Seesmic as your Twitter client, and Steve’s article promoting Seesmic Desktop 2 4 Features You Lose With a Third-Party Twitter Client Third-party Twitter clients give you great interfaces -- but they also lose access to some features. Here are four you may not want to give up. Read More as the best Twitter client as well. Honestly, it never dawned on me to check if Seesmic offered a mobile app for my Motorola Droid. When I stumbled upon the mobile Seesmic client in the Android Market, I was pretty excited.

After installing the mobile Seesmic on your Android, setting it up is really fast and straightforward. Just click on “Add an account” on the start screen, and you’re off and running.

mobile seesmic for android


Just pick what account you want to add, enter your credentials and give the app the permission it needs to access your account. You can have your Seesmic mobile app set up and connected to your accounts in less than 10 minutes. It also handles multiple accounts, which is really nice if you’re running your own private Twitter account, as well as one for your company or blog.

mobile seesmic

On the main “Accounts” page, you can flip between whatever account you want to monitor using a quick list. Just tap the account that you want to open. If you want to come back to this screen, press the “Menu” button on your phone and select the “Accounts” menu option.

mobile seesmic


The biggest reason why I decided to switch from the Facebook mobile app to using the Seesmic app for all of my accounts is because of the display. I really like how the Facebook view is formatted almost identical to how Facebook navigation shows up on the Facebook website itself. Under each post, you can see the number of comments and likes, and you can just tap the post to see all of the comments.

mobile seesmic

When comments are displayed, again, they’re formatted just like you’re used to seeing in Facebook.  You can click the “Like” icon at the top of the window to like someone’s wall post, and you can quickly post a comment using the field at the bottom just like you normally would on Facebook. It is the next best thing to actually being logged into the site itself – I really can’t sing enough praises for this app.

mobile seesmic review


Monitoring and posting on any other pages that you might manage is pretty easy as well. The only thing I noticed is that I can’t post to the page under the page profile, only as my own. Not a big deal, but maybe something the app creators might consider adding in the future. It would make it even easier to manage those pages when you’re on the go.

mobile seesmic review

With that said, you can easily have multiple Twitter accounts using the Seesmic app. Below, I’m logged in as @TopSecretWriter, and I can use this to post quick updates to the TSW Twitter account while on on a field investigation or just away from my computer. As you can see, you can also monitor the Timeline and Messages for the account from this app as well.

mobile seesmic review


Another cool feature of the Mobile Seesmic app is the ability to quickly pinpoint where people currently live by using the “See on Map” feature while you’re viewing someone’s profile page.

Mobile Seesmic - The Best Way To Access Facebook & Twitter [Android] seesmicmobile7

If they’ve submitted their current address, you can click on the “See on Map” menu item to view their home location on Google Maps.

mobile seesmic for android

Discovering this Seesmic app for Android gives me yet another reason to like Seesmic over other social network clients. Any company that will offer high-quality apps like this for Android users, not only iPhone users, gets my vote.

This is an awesome app, and for anyone that wants to access their social networks while mobile, this is by far the best app that I’ve found so far. Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. gc
    February 18, 2012 at 12:03 am

    Yet it doesn't support Facebook groups or contact syncing. Nope.

    • stuntz
      May 18, 2012 at 1:11 am

      Interacting with facebook groups should be built in...really need this!

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    February 17, 2012 at 2:07 am

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