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8 Rockin’ Mobile Music Trivia Games to Name That Tune

Sandy Writtenhouse 16-11-2017

How much do you know about music? More specifically, are you good with song titles and artist names? Can name a tune as soon as you hear a few notes? If this sounds like you, then it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. These fun, free mobile games will challenge your musical ear and have you singing a new song 8 Websites to Help You Discover New Music Genres Broadening your musical horizons by discovering new or niche genres can be beneficial. With that in mind, here are several essential websites for discovering music you've never heard before. Read More when you win.


1. SongPop 2 – Guess The Song

Even if you’ve never played the original SongPop, SongPop 2 is a must-have music trivia challenge. You play against others in a race against the clock for correct answers. Listen to the song and then select the answer, whether it is the song title or artist, as quickly as you can.

Since players take turns at their own pace, the game is ideal for when you have just minutes to spare 20 Fast and Quick Mobile Games to Kill Time on Android and iPhone Bored and need to kill five minutes or so? Here are the best fast mobile games that you can start and stop whenever. Read More . Plus, each player chooses the playlist for their turn. Do well and you earn in-game coins that you can redeem for additional song lists. You’ll find something for everyone here. The game covers a huge variety of music genres, artists, and decades of tunes.

Download: SongPop 2 for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Music Quiz

If you like music trivia with a bit of puzzle-play mixed in, then Music Quiz is the game you want. Listen to a song and then choose the letters to fill in the slots for the song title. You will start off with top hits and then can work your way through more categories like country, rap, and rock.

music trivia mobile games quiz


Do your best to earn coins for correct answers because you can use those for hints and unlocking more categories. After you guess the song title correctly, you have an option to play the tune on Spotify. This is great for those songs you forgot you loved long ago and want to sing along with now.

Download: Music Quiz for Android [No longer available] | iOS (Free)

3. Rock On – A SongPop Adventure

From the creators of SongPop comes Rock On – A SongPop Adventure for iOS. This trivia game is a true test of your rock music knowledge. You play by yourself, listening to songs, and selecting the correct answer. You see the level goal when you begin, which is normally to answer a certain number of questions correctly or score a specific amount of points.

Climb the leaderboard, earn expert titles, and master artists like The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Queen. You can also challenge others to beat your score. So, if you think you have what it takes to rock this game and move up the ranks, then take a stab at Rock On.


Download: Rock On for iOS (Free)

4. Classic Rock Quiz

Another awesome rock music challenge, but this time for Android users, is Classic Rock Quiz. You can choose from several game modes, including Classic Quiz, Battle of the Bands, or Beat the Clock. These options give you great flexibility for the type of game you prefer — or you can try them all.

music trivia mobile games

The questions in the various modes concern artists, songs, titles, and lyrics. Check out your ranking on the leaderboard, view your achievements, and be ready for a test of your knowledge. How much do you know about artists like Black Sabbath, Bon Jovi, and Bruce Springsteen? Find out with Classic Rock Quiz.


Download: Classic Rock Quiz for Android (Free)

5. Top 90s Music Trivia Quiz Game

Maybe what you really love the most is music from the ’90s. If so, then Top 90s Music Trivia Quiz Game is one to check out. First, choose from endless or timed game modes. Then, get ready for quite a challenge. The questions include song titles, lyrics, albums, artists, and even years.

music trivia mobile games

As you earn coins for doing well, you can redeem them for adding more time, receiving hints, or skipping questions. Note that this game goes a little heavy on the ads. But if you can get past the ads, Top 90s Music Trivia Quiz Game is a super challenging trivia game for fans of that music era.


Download: Top 90s Music Trivia Quiz Game for Android (Free)

6. Pic the Song – Music Puzzle Game

Pic the Song – Music Puzzle Game is another great music puzzle combination for fans of both. You will see four pictures that represent a song title. When you figure out the answer, tap the correct letters to fill the empty slots.

music trivia mobile games

As you move through each question, you’ll see the title and artist for correct answers. So, if you want to pick up the tune for your collection, tap the iTunes button. Get a gold record and you can head to the next level. The genres for the song titles range from disco to rock to pop to country, so there is something for nearly every taste 20 Obscure Music Genres You Should Listen to on Spotify Join us as we navigate through some of Spotify's weirdest and most wonderful music genres. There's a chance you won't have heard of any of them before. Read More .

7. Guess The Song – Music Quiz

Guess The Song is a fun name that tune game available on Android. Put on your listening ears and answer as quickly as you can. You can pick from pop, rock, or country — or jump directly to your favorite decade of music.

music trivia mobile games

Continue scoring and earning coins to unlock new levels and connect to Facebook to see how you compare to your friends. Guess The Song is a terrific music trivia game to enjoy the tunes you love while you challenge yourself.

Download: Guess The Song for Android (Free)

8. QuizUp

While QuizUp is not solely a music trivia game, you can still enjoy a terrific selection of song challenges with it. Then you can dabble in the other topics if you like. But for music, choose from specific artists like Adele or Drake. You can also select a certain decade, pick your favorite genre, or just check out what’s popular.

Play a random player, a QuizUp pal, or test your knowledge with a single-player game. Just do your best to climb the ranks and move up the levels for each topic and you will rock this game. And, when you want a break from the music scene, check out television, movies, sports, nature, or business trivia.

Download: QuizUp for Android | iOS (Free)

What Other Music Trivia Games Rock?

These eight great music trivia games for Android and iOS are tons of fun and challenging at the same time. You’ll enjoy seeing how well you really know your favorite genres and artists.

But if you are a Windows user, you can check out awesome Windows Store trivia games 8 Windows Store Trivia Games You Should Be Playing Who doesn't love a good trivia game? Here are a variety of the best trivia games available in the Windows 10 store! Read More . Also have a look at some alternatives to HQ Trivia 5 HQ Trivia Alternative Apps and Fan Sites to Play Quiz (and Even Win Cash) Here are the best sites to know more about HQ Trivia, as well as a few alternatives. Read More for more.

If you love all kinds of music and play a mobile game to test yourself or take on a friend, tell us what it is. If it belongs in this list, we want to know in the comments below!

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