7 Mobile Games That Are Better on Chromecast
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Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years. You can now find everything from adapted versions of console blockbusters to classic board games 6 Classic Board Games You Can Play on Your Phone 6 Classic Board Games You Can Play on Your Phone Those sepia-toned childhood memories of beating your granddad at Monopoly can be partially recreated on your smartphone. Read More .

Yet a mobile gamer’s experience is always limited by one inescapable problem: the screen size. The issue is magnified for multiplayer titles — it’s not much fun playing a sports game 9 Android Soccer Games for the Armchair Football Manager 9 Android Soccer Games for the Armchair Football Manager There are so many great Android games for soccer/football fans. Whether you're looking for a deep management sim or a casual puzzler, here are the best games for any soccer enthusiast. Read More on a five-inch display or passing a tiny smartphone between lots of users for a game of Monopoly.

Chromecasts are solving this problem. The list of compatible games is small but growing rapidly. The devices allow you to beam your games from your phone to your TV, thus leaving the screen size issue firmly in the past.

Here are seven perfect Chromecast-compatible multiplayer games you can play right now.

1. Just Dance Now

Do you want to brush up on your dance skills so you don’t embarrass yourself at weddings? Maybe you want to shed a few pounds Tips for Maximum Weight Loss with Wii Fit Games Tips for Maximum Weight Loss with Wii Fit Games Read More from the comfort of your own home? You need this game.

Just Dance Now has more than 200 songs for you to boogie along with, including some of the biggest hits of the last few years. You’ll find I’m An Albatraoz by AronChupa, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, and Let It Go from the movie Frozen in the catalog.

The “Social Mode” lets you add an unlimited number of players, and it can even send the number of calories you burn to health apps on your phone Use Automated Health Tracking to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Life Use Automated Health Tracking to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Life Health tracking is about taking care of your food, your workouts, your productivity, and your moods. Modern fitness trackers can now automate it all to help you lose weight and live a healthier life Read More .

Download on AndroidJust Dance Now
Download on iOSJust Dance Now

2. Monopoly Here and Now

A six-player game of Monopoly on a mobile device is a terrible experience. Lots of a board game’s appeal lies in social interaction The 12 Best Board Games to Play at Your Christmas Party The 12 Best Board Games to Play at Your Christmas Party Christmas family parties are right around the corner! What can you do together? Try playing one of these twelve board games to ensure your Christmas is full of fun and laughter! Read More , and much of that is lost if you can’t experience other players’ highs and lows along with them.

Monopoly Here and Now

Monopoly Here and Now has been specifically designed with casting in mind. There’s an animated board, 3D video visuals, and lots of fancy graphics. Your phone acts as the controller, letting you roll the dice and make in-game decisions.

The game also has an international flavor; instead of buying streets and locations, you buy cities. Try multiplayer with friends, or play in single player against the computer.

Download on Android — Monopoly Here and Now [No longer available]
Download on iOS — Monopoly Here and Now [No longer available]

3. Tricky Titans

Tricky Titans offers a surprisingly fun twist on one of the all-time playground classics: Rock, Paper, Scissors.

It’s one of the few games in the entire Google Play Store that’s not smartphone or tablet-compatible. You need a Chromecast if you want to play.

The game sees you take control of an ogre who has to defend his own village while simultaneously destroying his rivals’ villages. On each turn, you can either attack, defend, or power up. Making the wrong decision can see you quickly slip down the leaderboard.

It doesn’t have much longevity, but it’s great fun at parties.

Download on AndroidTricky Titans
Download on iOSTricky Titans

4. Big Web Quiz [No Longer Available]

Big Web Quiz is another app that only works on Chromecasts. It’s a trivia game 8 Windows Store Trivia Games You Should Be Playing 8 Windows Store Trivia Games You Should Be Playing Who doesn't love a good trivia game? Here are a variety of the best trivia games available in the Windows 10 store! Read More , though questions are often geared towards pop culture and the entertainment industry.

It asks questions in different formats to keep things fresh. For example, you might be asked to drag a band’s songs into the correct order of release, or guesstimate the height of a mountain using a slider.

Up to five players can choose an avatar and join in. The game displays questions on your television screen, and the participants select the answer on their device’s screen. It’s simple but effective; there’s no way to game the system and cheat your way to victory!

Download on Android — Big Web Quiz
Download on iOS — Big Web Quiz

5. Angry Birds Friends

Do you love Angry Birds but get tired of the same old approach Bored of Angry Birds? 5 Unconventional iOS Games That Do Things Differently Bored of Angry Birds? 5 Unconventional iOS Games That Do Things Differently Every day hordes of new games hit the App Store, but far too many of them feel the same. Developers see something selling, and they want to get a piece of the pie. What if... Read More ? Angry Birds Friends introduces competitive gameplay to mix things up.

You can play local tournaments with you and your friends on one TV, or you can sign up for a global tournament and see how you stack up against the world’s best bird shooters. The game features two new tournaments every week, with special themed events for holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

The game introduces six new levels per tournament, so it’ll never become stale.

Download on AndroidAngry Birds Friends
Download on iOSAngry Birds Friends

6. Deer Hunter 2017

If you want to experience the thrill of a wildlife hunt without harming any of the planet’s creatures, install Deer Hunter 2017 on your phone. It lets you pursue game and win trophies in locations around the world, from the icy waters of the Arctic Circle to the vast plains of Central Africa.

As you progress through the game, you win more sophisticated weaponry 9 of the Weirdest Weapons in Video Games 9 of the Weirdest Weapons in Video Games Video games are weird. Allow me to clarify: Video games seem to have an even greater capacity for weirdness than any other kind of media. Read More , amass better ammunition, and develop a steadier shooting hand.

The game comes into its own on a Chromecast, as the graphics feel richer, and the gameplay is more immersive. There are even global leaderboards so you can see how stack up against your friends and hunters worldwide.

Download on AndroidDeer Hunter 2017
Download on iOSDeer Hunter 2017

7. LEGO Speed Champions

Let’s end the list with a fun and action-packed racing game The 9 Most Important Driving Games Of All Time The 9 Most Important Driving Games Of All Time Not all driving games are created equal and like with any art, someone creates something new every once in a while. So what are the most important racing titles in the history of video games? Read More : LEGO Speed Champions.

You and your buddies take control of LEGO replicas of the world’s 10 most famous sports cars (including a Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche 911), then race them around dangerous and interactive circuits.

Lego Speed Champions

As you race, you can collect tokens, earn stars, and amass points, all of which let you unlock upgrades for your car and new challenges to compete in.

Multiplayer mode lets you battle on one TV screen, but if you have a LEGO ID, you can also contest against each other remotely.

Download on Android — LEGO Speed Champions [No longer available]
Download on iOS — LEGO Speed Champions [No longer available]

What Are Your Favorite Chromecast Games?

I’ve introduced you to seven of my favorite Chromecast games. I hope I’ve given you a broad selection with at least one title to suit every preference.

Now it’s your turn to get involved. What games do you play on your Chromecast? And what makes them so unique? Do they have incredible graphics, engaging multiplayer, or a unique spin on a genre? Share with us in the comments below!

Image Credit: Andrey_Popov via Shutterstock.com

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  1. Ryan
    December 2, 2018 at 2:03 am

    Best one that my friends and I play is called Cardcast (cards against humanity clone) as it's available on iOS and Android devices.

  2. Kim
    April 24, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    Chcek the Flying Fish (Flappy Bird clone). It it a bit hard to find - go to Google Play and look for "TV Games Cast" app - it has many games inside, but Flying Fish is th best.