11 Todoist Features You May Have Missed

Rob Nightingale 14-11-2017

It’s hard to think of many additional features that could make Todoist an even better task manager. It’s already got pretty much everything you could possibly need, especially if you cough up for the Premium subscription.


We’re talking everything from natural language recognition and powerful filters How To Set Up The Ultimate Todoist Filters In 5 Minutes So, you entered all your tasks into Todoist but the process of working through them is somewhat haphazard. That's because you probably don't have great filters. That's going to change. Today. Read More to third-party integrations, and more.

But there’s a lot more to Todoist than meets the eye. We’ve delved deep into this powerful task manager to bring you 11 underused features that could help you get even more out of the app.

1. Use Completion Dates to Schedule Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks are a standard feature in Todoist. They’re usually pretty simple, such as “Go to the gym every Monday.” Sometimes they go one step further, including a start or end date, such as “Go to the Gym every Monday starting Jan 1.”

But there’s a little trick to make recurring tasks even more powerful. This trick allows you to schedule the next occurrence of a recurring task based on when you last completed that task.

missed todoist features scheduling


To do this, all you have to do is add an exclamation point after the word “every.” For example, “Go through my RSS feed every! two weeks.” The next instance of this task will now be scheduled two weeks from the last time the task was completed, rather than from the day the task was originally scheduled.

2. Hide Projects You Haven’t Started

If you’re struggling to juggle a ton of projects simultaneously The Fool Proof System to Plan & Manage Multiple Projects Full Horizon Planning is an easy system to manage multiple active and dormant projects. It's superbly unbreakable when it comes to those guaranteed, daily distractions. We show you how to set it up digitally. Read More , hiding projects you’re not currently working on will make the Active Projects panel seem a lot less daunting.

Interested? Just archive any projects that you don’t want to be reminded of until you’re ready to tackle them! To do this, hover over a project, click the ellipsis, and hit Archive. The project and it’s corresponding tasks will no longer appear in your list of active projects (note: they won’t be included in backups, either).

missed todoist features archive projects


When you’re ready to start on the project, unarchive it by clicking the subtle Archived projects button below your active projects (see above). Hover over the project you want to start, click the ellipsis, and select Unarchive.

3. Learn Some Keyboard Shortcuts

If you religiously use Todoist to organize your life, it’ll be well worth your time to learn a few shortcuts to make adding and organizing your projects much easier. You can see the full list of available shortcuts here.

Other than pressing Q to add a new task, and U to undo your last action, in my opinion, these are the most useful shortcuts to use as you’re creating a new task:

  • Type p1, p2, p3, or p4 to set the priority level of a task.
  • Type @ to select a label for a task (Premium)
  • Type # to add the task to a specific project
  • Click CTRL+M to add a comment to a task

4. Start Using Project Templates

If you want to be able to duplicate a project at a later date, along with all of its corresponding tasks and settings, you’ll love Todoist templates.


Create your project as you usually would, making sure you use relative dates such as “in 7 days” instead of specific dates. This ensures your task scheduling for that project is always up to date. Once done, click on the settings button within the project, and select Export as Template. The entire project along with all of its settings will be downloaded as a plain text file. Store this somewhere safe.

Then, whenever you like, you can share this project template with friends and colleagues. Or, you can click Import from Template to add a fresh version of that project to your own account. This saves you from needing to set up that entire project from scratch every time you need it.

5. See All of Your Recurring Tasks at Once

At first sight, it’s not entirely obvious how to view all of those recurring tasks you’ve set up. Well, as luck should have it, it’s easy enough.

missed todoist features project templates


All you have to do is go to Filters, then click Add Filter. Name the filter whatever you like, and in the Query field, type Recurring, then click Add Filter. Whenever you click that filter, you’ll see a full list of all your recurring tasks so you can easily keep them up to date and delete those you no longer need.

6. Tasks That Can’t Be Completed

By default, all tasks in Todoist have a checkbox displayed alongside them. But if for whatever reason you want a task listed without a checkbox, just start the task name with an asterisk followed by a space.

missed todoist features incompletable tasks

When it comes time to delete the task, simply remove the asterisk, and click the checkbox.

7. Visualize Your Productivity

At the top right of the Todoist app, you’ll see your Karma score, which is basically just a way of keeping you motivated. Click that Karma score, however, and you’ll see a visual representation of your productivity.

missed todoist features karma score

You’ll be shown the number of tasks you’ve completed, your most productive days, and which projects you’ve completed most tasks for.

8. Format Text and Add Hyperlinks

If you want to add some basic formatting to your main tasks and comments, that’s possible, too.

  • Bold: **bold**
  • Italic: *italic*
  • Bold & italic: ** *bold & italic* ** or * **bold & italic** *
  • Hyperlink: (Text)
  • If you want to use emojis, just copy and paste them into Todoist.

9. Automate Your To-Do List

By linking your Todoist account to the automation platforms IFTTT or Zapier you’ll be able to automate at least some aspects of your to-do list.

missed todoist features to-do automation

With IFTTT (my favorite automation platform), you could set things up so that each time you save an article to your Pocket reading list, it’s added as a task on Todoist. If a Trello card is assigned to you, that can be added as a task, too. You can even set things up so that when you label an email “Urgent” in Gmail, a new task is created.

Interested? We’ve published a more in-depth guide to using Todoist with IFTTT Automate Your Life and Job With Todoist and IFTTT Play creatively with ToDoist's notification features, and IFTTT's ability to accomplish really cool automations with them. We show you how combining the two powers your productivity. Read More .

10. Sync Projects With Your Calendar (Premium)

Each project you set up in Todoist has its own iCal URL, which means it can be synced with your calendar of choice.

missed todoist features calendar integration

To do this, click the ellipsis next to a project or sub-project, then click Project Calendar Feed. You can then click to automatically add the feed to your Outlook or Apple calendar.

If you want to add the feed to your Google Calendar, you’ll need to copy the iCal URL, then head over to Google Calendar. Click the drop-down button next to Other Calendars, and click Add by URL. Paste the URL, and click Add Calendar.

Do this for all the projects you want. All of the tasks from those projects will be displayed on your calendar.

11. Back Up Your Projects and Tasks (Premium)

As a Premium user, your projects and tasks are automatically backed up each day by Todoist.

So, if you accidentally delete a project, and you don’t want to create it again from scratch, it’s easy enough to restore. Just click the gear icon, settings, then click backups. Download the backup you need. This will be a Zip folder that contains a CSV file for each of your current projects (archived projects and completed tasks are not included).

missed todoist features backups

Drag and drop the project file into a new project on Todoist, and all the tasks that were there to begin with will be restored.

The Best Task Manager?

With all of its standard features, mixed with a multitude of hidden extras, it’s hard not to see Todoist as the true benchmark among the various task manager apps To-Do List App Showdown: vs Todoist vs Wunderlist Some to-do list apps stand head and shoulders above the rest. But how do they compare and which one is best for you? We'll help you find out. Read More .

Yet along with all of this, there are probably more tricks, tips, and features out there that most users barely touch (but should) in order to become more productive How to Increase Productivity According to Science Have you tried most of the productivity advice out there, and nothing is working? Let science (and us) help you find what will work for you! Read More . If you know of more Todoist features like these, please let us know in the comments.

We’ve got even more Todoist tips! Use our excellent Todoist shortcut cheat sheet The Todoist Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Task Management Make task management easier with these Todoist shortcuts and tips. Read More to become a master.

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  1. Rich Evans
    October 4, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    I have 2 issues with todoist that would make it even better...

    1. Can you schedule a task to create itself by a certain time. e.g. I write a diary each evenng but dont want to be reminded of that until after 8pm. I only seem to be able to create a new task to appar by day, without being able to specify the time.

    2. if you move an email to another folder , the todoist gmail integration link no longer works for that email.

    Any tips?

  2. Eric W
    November 14, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Nice article!

    Some of my tips - another way to make projects not have a checkmark is to end it with a colon ( : ). I like this approach for a top-level discription for sub-tasks. (E.g "Do these three things:")

    Also, some other things I've found useful for IFTTT and ToDoist:
    - when a Google calendar event is added on specific named calendar, create a task in chosen ToDoist project
    - when task is completed, add a line to a Google Spreadsheets file (this helps when using free ToDoist and can't see full completion history)

    • Steph
      November 14, 2017 at 6:26 pm

      Love the colon idea! I have accidentally marked a task completed when I head only completed a sub-task. Thanks for sharing!