Missed Connections Helps You Find That Missing Someone

Karl L. Gechlik 10-10-2009

MissedHeadHave you ever been walking down the street and had someone glance over at you? You look back at them and look away shyly. You think about that missed connection for months”¦ maybe even years. How do you track down that missed connection?


Well if you are both technologically adept you could browse on over to Missed Connections and see if the other half of that missed connection has already left a post looking for you. If not you can post your own request.

The service is ridiculously simple. It has a place to search for missed connections and leaves you the ability to leave your own. It does things Craigslist style with private messages being routed to your personal email address without giving the seeker your actual address.

Let’s take a look at how it works. I will be leaving a Missed Connection message for this beautiful, sexy, uninhibited phone I saw on the corner of my office”¦ Yes I said PHONE! Maybe you didn’t realize I am happily married? The only flings and affairs I have are with my gadgets :)

Once you hit the home page you will see this:



There is a link to add your missed connection now right there on the bottom right hand side. Let’s walk through it.


The first step asks you why you arrived at their site. Pretty much seeing if you are looking for a woman or a dude and if you are a woman or a dude. Select which situation matches yours or if you are disgusted by the question check the skip this step button and hit the go to step 2 button”¦ Only 4 steps to go..



The next question seems to be very important and that is when you missed your missed connection. They are looking for a start and end time/date. Fill it out and continue on. 3 more steps to go!


Good old Google Maps to the rescue! Type in as close to an exact address you can – Google style. Hit the locate on map button and Google will zero in on your location. The more specific you are the better your chances are of finding that special someone (something :))



It located my location fairly easily and once I confirmed it was correct I hit the go to step 4 button and now only 2 steps to go! Are you excited? I am!


That is it! All I need to do now is confirm the email confirmation link that they send me and my listing will be posted! It won’t be long now before that Touch Pro2 calls me! I am sure of it!


Now if you are on the other side looking for a missed connection – hoping the other party has already posted it. Find the search box on the home page and search for your zip code like so”¦


That will pull up all the missed connection from your zip code for your browsing pleasure. There are also links for email updates and a RSS feed! I love RSS feeds!


Clicking on any of the links will take you to that individual post with a link to email the poster like so”¦


That’s it! Now I wait! Do you have another method to find a missed connection? We would love to hear about it in the comments – for real! Put us on.

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    October 10, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    This seems like a useful utility.