MinuteBill: A Convenient Web App To Create & Download Invoices

Umar 25-04-2013

MinuteBill is a free to use web application that lets its users create invoices in a very easy way. The website loads up an invoice template with all of the necessities – areas for the addressee, areas for the sender, a title of the invoice / title of the company, serial number of the invoice, and the date the invoice should be sent. Regarding items, you can add as many as you like.


You can click on item titles to begin editing them. Individual prices of items can be set on the invoice. A tax percentage can also be set.

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As you change the numbers, the total amounts and tax charged amounts are automatically updated in real time. By default, the prices displayed are in dollars and the date is in the US format. But these settings can be easily modified by clicking on the Settings button on the site. You will then be able to set any date format you want along with setting a currency. This latter option includes Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Turkey, United States, and more.


When you have made all the changes you want to your invoice, you can have it saved in your browser cache. Unless you delete the cache, you can revisit the website and find your invoice unchanged on the website. You can also directly download the invoice onto your computer as an offline PDF document.



  • A user friendly web application.
  • Lets you create invoices with ease.
  • Provides you with various options and currency regions.
  • Lets you save invoice in browser cache.
  • Lets you download invoice as PDF document.

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