MinimalistFacebook: Make Your Facebook Profile Cleaner

TehseenBaweja 20-08-2010

Facebook is a great tool for social networking but sometimes their interface gets full of annoying stuff. If you are one of those people who like a cleaner layout, use MinimalistFacebook. It is a facebook profile cleaner script that works with GreaseMonkey and can remove unwanted stuff like the annoying right side bar. The script works on Firefox, Chrome and Safari but required pre-installation of GreaseMonkey (Firefox) or the GreaseKit (Safari).


This means more space for your news feeds and comment boxes. MinimalistFacebook also removes the chat info from your left column and make your Facebook chat somewhat transparent so it doesn’t bother you while doing other stuff. It doesn’t really take care of annoying apps but gives you a much cleaner layout and social networking experience.

facebook profile cleaner


  • Clean up your facebook layout.
  • Completely Removes the right column.
  • Widens your news feeds and comments.
  • Makes your Facebook chat transparent.

Download MinimalistFacebook from

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