Mindkoo Unicat Cat Ear Headphones: Cute, and They Light Up

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Our verdict of the Mindkoo Unicat Cat Ear Headphones:
You can get better headphones for under $50, but these are super cute and light-up.

Looking for a last minute pressie for the kids? The Mindkoo Unicat wireless headphones might be just the ticket. With a unique cat ear design that lights up, a solid build quality, the Mindkoo Unicat are available in 5 different color combinations for just $35. They run wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.2, or wired, and the battery lasts a solid day.

For a limited time, you can get 35% off using coupon code 72DMDJQD, making them just $24!

At the end of this review, we’ve got FOUR pairs of the Mindkoo Unicat headphones to giveaway, in your choice of color! Keep reading to find out how to win.

Design and Specifications

  • Available in hot pink and white (as reviewed); light pink and white; white and hot pink; or black and blue.
  • 300 mAh battery, micro-USB charging cable.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and stereo input.
  • Light up cat ears and earcups.

In terms of size, they were too large for my 3 year old son, but perfect for my 33 year old wife. Somewhere from about 8 to adult is probably good, then. The headband expands a little, so should handle bigger heads fine, too.

Mindkoo Unicat Cat Ear Headphones: Cute, and They Light Up mindkoo unicat big for kid

The padded headband and earcups feature a lovely soft PVC cover, which actually offer a good bit of passive noise cancellation by fully enclosing your ears.

Mindkoo Unicat Cat Ear Headphones: Cute, and They Light Up mindkoo unicat on table

Both the cat ears and earcups can be illuminated, though it’s a single color, and not bright enough to be seen in daylight. The light controls offer four basic modes: all on, cat ears only, headphones only, or all flashing. The flashing isn’t sound reactive though – just a simple on off every half second or so.

The earcups fold in on themselves, and twist, so they can be shoved into a bag without damage, or placed around your neck without getting in the way. Overall, they feel surprisingly well built, which is always good when being designed with children in mind.

Mindkoo Unicat Cat Ear Headphones: Cute, and They Light Up mindkoo unicat on neck

Playback controls are standard, with a single button for on/off/Bluetooth pairing, and volume buttons which double for track skipping. As with most Bluetooth headphones, these are quite unintuitive. Even with my daily AtomicX wirelesss headphones IdeaUSA AtomicX V201 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Review My opinion of wireless headphones has now officially changed. It turns out you can buy a pair of comfortable wireless headphones which offer great sound quality, a reliable Bluetooth connection, at an affordable price. Read More , I’m constantly pressing the wrong buttons, skipping things when I just wanted the volume up. If these were cabled, an inline remote control with more obvious buttons would have been great.

Speaking of which: are kids bothered about whether something is wireless or not? I can’t help feeling that they’d be better served by something that doesn’t need charging, with a simple inline remote on a really thick kid-proof cable, given the sheer amount of hassle it already takes any parent to get out the door with a child in tow. Then again, perhaps children nowadays are trained to know instinctively what battery level their numerous devices are, which cables are required to charge – and why shouldn’t they enjoy tangle free wireless audio like the rest of us?

Mindkoo Unicat Cat Ear Headphones: Cute, and They Light Up mindkoo unicat side

Sound Quality and Usability

I had no issues connecting over Bluetooth to my iPhone 6 Plus or Fire tablet, and the connection was solid within normal range – no crackling or audio hiccups. A full charge will get about 8 hours or more for audio only, shaving a few hours off if the LEDs are on.

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone however that a $35 pair of headphones designed for children are not the best sounding headphones ever. But nor are they atrocious. I mean, they’re certainly not as bad as bundled earbuds. They’re not bad.

To be more precise, they offer a good bit of bass, but unfortunately the top end is quite muffled. Not unbearably so, and you can still hear voices fine, but the clarity is completely lacking.

In short: these are fine for kids. I wouldn’t want to listen to a 2 hour podcast on them or an epic audiobook, but for the average droning Bieber song, you won’t be that disappointed.

Mindkoo Unicat Cat Ear Headphones: Cute, and They Light Up mindkoo unicat fits the dog too

Should You Buy the Mindkoo Unicat Headphones?

If you’re after the best audio quality you can get from $35, you won’t find it here. There are just better headphones you can buy for under $50 5 Quality Headphones That Cost Less Than $50 Owning a quality pair of headphones is very important for anyone who wants or needs to listen to music by themselves on a regular basis. In fact, they're more important than the device actually playing... Read More . But then, those don’t have cat ears on them that light up, nor do they come in pink (you can get the boring black ones too if you really want). If you want something cute and stylish for the kids, the Mindkoo Unicat are fun, sound reasonably good, are well built, comfy on the ears, and weigh in at a nice price. (And don’t forget, use coupon code 72DMDJQD to get 35% off for a limited time!)

In the words of one Amazon reviewer:

These are so cute!! And they glow!!

Really, doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?

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