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Israel Nicolas 30-03-2010

Managing a website or an online marketing campaign involves a lot of hours on small, repetitive tasks. These tasks may include signing up on different websites, posting blog comments, submitting articles, and joining forum discussions – tasks that almost anyone can do for cheap. Enter Microworkers, a free website that connects people who need these small tasks done, with people who have some free time and want to earn some money.



When you sign up with Microworkers, you can be either a worker an employer. As a worker, you only need to select a job, read the instructions, complete the tasks, and send proof that the task is complete. Each job only takes up to 5 minutes to do, earning you a few cents. The employer will then verify that you have completed the job and the money will be transferred to your account.


As an employer, you can submit a new campaign by selecting the target country (US or International), setting the correct category, and choose the type of work needed to get it done. Then set the number of workers you need and how much each worker will earn. You will get an estimate for each campaign so you can monitor your budget as you go.

As each worker finish the tasks, review and rate the work whether you are satisfied or not satisfied. You will be only charged for the tasks that you rated “˜satisfied’.



One thing that is working very well for Microworkers is their strict guidelines for employers and workers. You can read the full verbose here, which if I can sum it up; the website should not be used to set up campaigns for spam or click fraud. Workers are likewise not also allowed to spam the system by signing up for multiple accounts.

Workers can claim their money when they earn at least $9. Payments are sent via Paypal, Moneybookers, Alertpay, and check payments. Workers should also wait up to 30 days before payment is processed.

Microworkers fill a gap that many freelance job sites have missed. Instead of taking on big jobs and dealing with a select few clients, Microworkers does a great job of breaking down specific tasks and finding a massive number of users to complete your campaign. It even cuts the arduous process of dealing with each individual worker, saving a lot of time for both the worker and the employer.



This website is also fun for those who have some time to kill and want to earn a quick buck. Although the pay is low, you can race through the tasks and earn some decent shopping money before you know it.


  • Post and/or accomplish microjobs.
  • Earn money with every completed job.
  • Payments over Paypal, Alertpay, Moneybookers and check payment.
  • Employers rate tasks as satisfied and not-satisfied.
  • Quick and easy to complete marketing campaigns.
  • Earn money through sign-up referrals.

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