Microsoft Word’s Math AutoCorrect Makes Equations Easier to Type
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You probably already know that Microsoft Word has an AutoCorrect feature, but did you know it can also correct hundreds of math symbols too?

First, you need to enable Math AutoCorrect in Word. Head to the File menu, followed by Options, and under the Proofing tab, select the AutoCorrect Options… button right at the top of the list. Then, switch to the Math AutoCorrect tab and you’re golden.

Once here, you’ll need to check Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions to enable these shortcuts everywhere. With Replace text as you type enabled, you can now use any of the shortcuts below to insert mathematical symbols as you type in Word.

You can read through the huge list to see all of them.

There are a ton of symbols with easy-to-remember shortcuts, and this is way faster than using the Insert menu every time you need to type a symbol. It’s even faster than using ALT codes or copy/pasting them from the Internet.

If there’s a symbol you don’t see on the list, you can add it yourself: just type some text in the Replace box and a symbol in the With field.

Need even more keyboard shortcuts? Check out the most essential shortcuts for any Office user.

What math symbols do you insert often? Do you find this method efficient? Let us know if you use Word for math in a comment!

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