15 Business Letter Templates for Microsoft Word to Save You Time

Sandy Writtenhouse 17-11-2016

You have enough business tasks to take care of and creating letters from scratch does not have to be one of them. These business letter templates for Microsoft Word Best Table of Contents Template Examples for Microsoft Word A good-looking table of contents template will give your documents a professional look. We have the best examples around. Read More can help show you what to write and how to deliver your message professionally.


Basic Business Letters

1. Company Letter of Introduction

A company letter of introduction may be the first communication your potential client, new customer, or business contact receives from your organization. With this in mind, your initial impression is key to the success of that relationship.

This template from Tidy Forms provides you with professional formatting and explains what should be included in the letter. Both of these can help you to start off that communication in the right direction.

Intro Letter Template Word

2. Letter of Intent

You can use a letter of intent, or letter of interest, in various business situations including negotiations, acquisitions, contracts, and purchases. This type of communication can help to ensure that the parties are on the same page with a clear picture of your organization’s intent.

From Vertex42, this template allows you to enter the contact information easily and also prompts you to include the necessary information for the letter.


Intent Letter Template Word

3. Letter of Apology

Whether to a customer, your boss, or even a close friend, wording an apology The Art of the Apology: How to Say Sorry With an Email (And Mean It) Apologizing properly isn't easy. Here's how to apologize professionally in an email so you can right your wrongs. Read More can be a difficult task. You may need to apologize to a customer regarding an order mistake or to your boss for unprofessional behavior.

Tidy Forms offers a terrific template in that it has three different apology letters in one. This will work for a customer, boss, or friend, and you can, of course, edit the letter to suit your situation. This template combination is useful for getting you off to a great start with your I’m Sorry.

Apology Letter Template Word


Thank You Letters

4. New Customer Thank You

Sending a note of thanks to a new customer or client can go a long way towards a stronger relationship. Along with thanking them for their business, you can also remind them of current benefits. This letter can reinforce your connection.

The Microsoft Office template website has a good template for expressing your appreciation. Just add your company’s contact information, insert those wonderful benefits, and add a little extra if you like.

Thank Customer Letter Template Word

5. Donation Thank You

If you are in the business of fundraising or just organized a single event, then you know that sending your appreciation to the donors is a no-brainer. Whether you received a donation in the form of money, items, or time, a brief and sincere note of thanks is in order.


The template from Vertex42 is short and comes with a bonus donation receipt at the end. This is perfect for giving your donors what they need for their taxes while you are thanking them at the same time.

Thanks Donation Letter Template Word

6. Interview Thank You

If you have been on the job hunt, then you know how hard the competition can be. So, if you are lucky enough to land yourself an interview, be sure to follow it up with a thank you letter.

This template from the Microsoft Office template website has the wording all ready and you can adjust and personalize it as needed. Just add in the contact information, change as you like, and send it off for a better chance with your potential employer.


Thank Interview Letter Template Word

Job-Related Letters

7. Letter of Resignation

When it is time to bid farewell to a current employer, it is almost always proper and often times required to submit a formal letter of resignation How Google Docs Can Help You Come Across As A Professional Google Docs has a huge, free repository of ready templates that you can use for almost any professional scenario. Let's take a look at five common documents needed in the workplace. Read More . The letter should include your job title and last date of service at the very minimum.

Tidy Forms has a template that includes language regarding the signing of a contract with your new employer if needed. Or, you can simply remove this paragraph and complete the rest for a professional and official resignation.

Resignation Letter Template Word

8. Letter of (Offer) Acceptance

Once you receive a job offer, a letter of acceptance is often necessary. This provides an official acceptance of the position and reiterates its details for a full understanding between parties.

Vertex42 has a template that explains exactly what you should included and you are able to express your communication in your own words.

Offer Acceptance Letter Template Word

9. Letter of (Offer) Rejection

If you have received a job offer that you do not wish to accept, then you will need the letter of rejection. Not only is it a formal way to reject the offer, but lets you remain professional for a future connection with the interviewer and the company.

Also from Vertex42, this template allows you to express in your own words why you are rejecting the offer, but provides guidance at the same time.

Offer Rejection Letter Template Word

10. Letter of Termination

If you are currently in a position where terminating employees is part of your job, then having a letter of termination template is a wise idea. For most, this type of task is unpleasant enough, so a template will ease the job.

Another useful job-related template from Vertex42, the letter of termination walks you through the items needed. With an official and specific date of termination, reasons, prior warnings, and details on company items and compensation, this template is ideal.

Termination Letter Template Word

11. Letter of Reference

An additional template to have handy if you are in a position of authority is a letter of reference. Like it or not, companies lose good employees all the time. And, if someone asks you to provide a reference letter, a template can certainly help you to say the right words How to Write the Perfect Professional Email (Backed by Data) Email remains the main form of communication in business. To succeed in that environment, you should learn how to compose effective professional emails. We show you 9 simple tricks that have been proven to work. Read More .

From Microsoft Office, this template has a little more pizzazz than the other letter templates, but does no go overboard. The language is professional and to-the-point.

Reference Letter Template Word

Specific to Word 2016

If you are a Microsoft Word 2016 user, then you may have already delved into the many templates available.

Simply go to File and then select New to open the template section. You can select Business below the search box and then Letters on the right. Or, just type in the words Business Letters in the search box for results to show up.

Word Search Business Letters

Here are just a few of the business letter templates you can find within Word.

12. Bid Acceptance Letter

Most times, an official bid acceptance is required in writing. Keeping a letter template for this situation close at hand means you can rush the communication out and get the ball rolling.

Bid Acceptance Letter Template Word

13. Letter of Authorization

When it is time for the work to begin, you can use a letter of authorization for the official start. This can reiterate the terms and specifics for the job at hand. While this template offers language relating to a home project, you can easily adjust it for professional situations.

Authorization Letter Template Word

14–15. Templates With Themes

If you do not need guidance, but would like a consistent look for all communications, there are a few templates in Word with attractive themes.

The first template has nice formatting with a clean appearance. Just a small splash of color at the top and for the salutation keeps this basic business template stylish yet understated.

Word Themed Business Letters

The second template provides a little more with a page border and a dedicated company detail section at the top. If you want to go beyond basic, but not over the top, this is an appealing option.

Word Themed Business Letters

Do You Use Business Letter Templates?

Whether you compose business letters on a regular basis or just occasionally, having a template can certainly save time How to Manage Your Project with Word Templates In project management, preparation is half the battle. To organize and document your project, you may need many different reports, forms or plans. We have compiled a selection of Word templates to get you started. Read More and point you in the right direction with what to write.

Is there a business letter template we missed that you would like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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