The Microsoft Tips App: One Big Reason Why You Should Be Using It
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It’s easy to get into a rut of only using certain features of Windows. Maybe you don’t realize there’s a more efficient way to do a common task, or you’re missing out on hidden features. As Windows adds new features, like those in the Creators Update, you might have trouble keeping track of everything your computer can do.

Did you know that there’s a built-in Windows app to teach you about these new features?

It’s called Tips and you can find it by searching it from the Start Menu. The app collects useful Windows features and tutorials, and even works offline.

Scroll through the Topics tab to see if there’s a guide on something you want to change, or check out What’s New for big new Windows features. The app also includes videos for some topics, helping visual learners.

The Microsoft Tips App: One Big Reason Why You Should Be Using It DidYouKnow WinTipApp1b blog

Many of the articles in the Tips app provide links right to Windows settings so you can adjust these options yourself. If you ever wanted to play with some Windows options but didn’t know what they did, this is a sort of “missing manual.”

Of course, this won’t show you how to turn off some of Windows 10’s annoying features or cool Registry tweaks. But for Windows 10 beginners who need some help understanding what they can do on their systems, the Tips app provides a fantastic start.

If you’re brand-new to Windows, make sure you check out our vital tips for getting acquainted.

Did you know that an app like this was built into Windows? Have you learned anything from its articles? Share with us down in the comments!

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