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Microsoft Warns People to Keep Using Edge

Dave Parrack 12-09-2018

I think we can all agree that Microsoft Edge is better than Internet Explorer. However, whether Edge is better than Chrome and Firefox is down to personal preference and up for debate. For everyone, that is, except Microsoft itself.


Microsoft Edge is a solid web browser. And there are plenty of reasons why you should use Edge 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Microsoft Edge Now Microsoft Edge marks a complete break from the Internet Explorer brand name, killing off a 20-year-old family tree in the process. Here's why you should be using it. Read More . But that’s your choice, and should always be your choice. And the last thing you want or need is Microsoft trying to dissuade you from switching to Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft Annoys Windows 10 Insiders

Unfortunately that is exactly what Microsoft is now doing. As spotted by Beta News, in the latest Windows 10 Insider builds, Microsoft has starting warning users against switching away from Edge to Chrome or Firefox. And it’s very annoying.

If you use Edge to search for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox a banner will appear informing you that “Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser on Windows 10 and is already installed on your PC.” As if you didn’t already know you were using Edge.

If you dare to download Chrome or Firefox when you try to install them will result in Microsoft reminding you that “You already have Microsoft Edge – the safer, faster browser for Windows 10”. You’ll then be invited to “Open Microsoft Edge” or “Install Anyway”.


This is all due to Microsoft changing the default settings with this update. Previously, the default was to “Install apps from anywhere,” but it’s now, “Show me app recommendations”. The good news is it’s easy enough to change the settings back.

This Is Unlikely to Change Anyone’s Mind

It’s understandable that Microsoft wants to encourage people to use Edge, and therefore discourage them from switching to Chrome or Firefox. But in reality all this is likely to do is annoy Windows 10 users without actually changing anyone’s mind.

If you’re a fan of Microsoft Edge you may want to check out our quick guide to every setting in Edge A Quick and Dirty Guide to Every Setting in Microsoft Edge If you decide to use Edge, the first thing you should do is set the browser up, which includes tweaking all of the settings according to your needs. Here's everything you need to know. Read More or the best Edge browser extensions to try today 10 Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions You Should Try Today The latest Windows 10 Upgrade finally brings browser extensions to Microsoft Edge. We have examined the handful of extensions available and show you which ones are worth your time. Read More . And if you’re a hater looking to confirm your world view here are the biggest problems with Microsoft Edge The 5 Biggest Problems With Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Windows 10, is doomed to fail. We discuss its biggest problems and how Microsoft could turn Edge around. Read More .

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  1. shaoul
    May 2, 2019 at 10:56 am

    what would be the next move ?
    - resetting the default apps to m$ choice ?
    - deleting 'offending' apps ?
    - blacklisting open sw sites ?
    - downloads only from m$ store ?
    - wait someone knocks on the door ....
    .... arrrgh the m$ mind formatting police

    welcome to win10, the fastest, safest and ONLY OS you need ....

  2. Andreas
    September 13, 2018 at 6:40 am

    This is why Windows 10, delivered as a service, or WaaS (Windows as a Service) is the single worst thing to have happened in modern technology. People might complain that Google harvests more data, but Microsoft does it on your computer. All of this, and since you are paying for a service, not a product makes what they do "okay-ish".

    At least in legal terms.

    That Microsoft are criminals is another matter.

  3. dragonmouth
    September 12, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Whether you use Edge or other browsers depends on who would you rather have spy on you, Microsoft or Google.

    Microsoft's strong arm tactics is another reason to switch to Linux.